Historically Vôtre brings together 3 artists who destroyed their own works: the illustrious filmmaker and writer Marcel Pagnol who chose, in the midst of the war, and under Nazi pressure, to sacrifice the films of "La Prière aux Etoiles", a film he was in the process of turning and that we will never see, the sculptor and painter Camille Claudel who realized herself alongside Auguste Rodin, before falling into madness and destroying some of the works she had created .

And the street-artist Banksy who remotely self-destroyed his painting "Girl with a balloon" at the time of its auction at Sotheby's for more than a million euros ...





, grandson of Marcel Pagnol who initiated the “Marcel Pagnol” collection at the Grand Angle editions, which brings his work to life in comics.

“La Prayer aux étoiles” volume 1, by Éric Stoffel, Serge Scotto, Inaki Holgado & Marko - prefaced by Nicolas Pagnol (Wide Angle).


Bruno Gaudichon

, curator and director of the Swimming pool, the André-Diligent museum of art and industry in Roubaix.

“Camille Claudel - In the mirror of a new art” (Gallimard)