Preliminary investigation opened on the marina of Villeneuve Loubet, near Nice (Alpes Maritimes).

The conditions of attribution by the town hall of the public service delegation for the redevelopment of its marina and its operation over thirty years are examined by the courts.

"The investigation is in progress and entrusted to the company of Cannes", indicated the prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse Fabienne Atzori.

It follows a report from the anti-corruption association Anticor.

It was the Maribay consortium formed around the companies Eiffage, Sodeports and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations that won the new concession, ahead of Fayat, Vinci, Edeis and the outgoing Sycim Pisarello whose appeals were dismissed.

According to Anticor, the competition procedure was marred by possible irregularities.

"It is extremely serious to undermine the honor of a community"

In its report, the association particularly deplores the omnipresence in the procedure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte-d'Azur, already associated with the concession of the Antibes marina, the Vauban port of 1,652 places where colossal investments of 135 million euros are underway.

“It is extremely serious to damage the honor of a community so gratuitously. We reserve the right to attack Anticor, retorted the LR mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet Lionnel Luca. Never has a procedure been carried out with so much rigor and transparency, it even earned us the congratulations of the State. "

The Villeneuve-Loubet marina, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, is located at the foot of a listed architectural complex from the 1970s emblematic of real estate development on the Côte-d'Azur, made up of four tiered buildings evoking immense white sails visible for miles around between Antibes and Nice.

Three and a half years of work and 65 million euros of investment are planned to reconfigure the lake and its 515 berths along an elongated dike which will have dedicated berths for catamarans.

Anticor also disputes the financing of the project

A disused thalassotherapy center must be razed to make room for luxury equipment: four-star hotel with 57 rooms, new harbor master's office, restaurants, car park with 265 places, new lagoon with heated seawater pools, etc.

Anticor is also contesting the financing of the yard, supported in part by the sale to boat owners of long-term mooring contracts or "usage guarantees" without any new ring being created.

To which the mayor replies that his municipality of 15,000 inhabitants sticks to what he is told "to be legally feasible" and that Anticor defends an overly restrictive vision of the law.


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