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Barak Obama

has turned

60 this week

and the happiness of the former president of the United States is such that he wanted to celebrate it in style. According to local media, the politician had organized a

spectacular party

to blow out the candles and among guests and employees, the event was going to

exceed 700 attendees.

The place chosen for the celebration was the garden of his mansion on Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts, but finally the massive birthday

will not take place.

As Hannah Hankins, Obama's spokesperson, has confirmed in a statement published in the

Washington Post,

the very rapid

expansion of the Delta variant

of Covid has caused Barak to cancel the party.

Although he makes no reference whatsoever, there are many who take for granted that this decision is deeply

conditioned by the criticism

that the former president of the United States has been receiving from conservative groups, which have not hesitated to

charge harshly against him

in different interviews and through social networks.

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Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg or George Clooney

are just some of the well-known faces who had received the invitation to celebrate his 60th birthday with the politician.

A party that was going to have

a previous Covid test

to guarantee the health of all the guests, who also had to be

previously vaccinated.

"The outdoor event had been planned for months, with all the Covid safeguards in place. The president and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly reduce the event to

include only family and close friends,"

the statement said. making it clear that in the Obama residence, Barak's 60s continue to be a cause for celebration, albeit in a

small committee.

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