North Korea has set conditions for the country to start negotiations on nuclear disarmament with the United States, South Korean policymakers have told The Guardian.

The terms of North Korea had been told by Park Jie-won, director of the South Korean National Intelligence Service.

North Korea is said to want easing international sanctions.

"As a condition for the reopening negotiations, North Korea is demanding that the United States allow the export of minerals and the import of refined oil and essential products," said Ha Tae-keung, a member of Parliament's intelligence committee, quoting Park.

- I asked what supplies they wanted the most and he said it included high quality alcoholic beverages and suits, not only for the use of (North Korean leader) Kim Jong-un but to be distributed to the Pyongyang elite.

The North Korean state media has not written about the demands of the country's leadership regarding the resumption of negotiations.

The United States has not expressed a desire to ease sanctions before the talks, Reuters says.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday that the United States was ready to meet with North Korea “anytime, anywhere, without preconditions,” but had not received a response from North Korea.

The UN has imposed several sanctions on North Korea over the country’s nuclear and missile programs.

The United States, the European Union and others have also imposed their own sanctions.

Sanctions include oil imports, trade in minerals and metals, arms trade with North Korea and imports of luxury goods into North Korea. Sanctions have also been imposed against individuals and various parties.