Akhenaton, one of the leaders of the IAM group, was hospitalized after contracting the Covid, according to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

The rapper had publicly taken a stand against the health pass and compulsory vaccination.

The group had recently been forced to cancel several concerts due to cases of coronavirus.

Emblematic leader of the IAM group, Akhenaton was hospitalized in Marseille last weekend after contracting Covid-19, but should be able to leave the hospital on Wednesday, according to information from France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, which also denies rumors of an admission to intensive care. Also according to the local media, the musician would be treated in the multipurpose acute medicine unit of the Timone hospital.

In recent weeks, IAM had been forced to cancel several concerts, first because one of its members had been identified as a contact case and then, more recently, because one of theirs had tested positive for Covid- 19.

The identity of the latter had not been disclosed, but there is therefore every reason to believe that it was Akhenaton, one of the two most famous rappers of the group, with Shuriken.

Positions against compulsory vaccination

Akhenaton, 52, had recently been talked about by speaking publicly to oppose the health pass and the compulsory vaccination of certain professions, including caregivers.

"It is about our freedoms, it is especially about the future of our children. We would also like people who have a little conscience in the medical profession to finally speak. That the journalists who go in a one way for a year and a half, who have another view, also express it, "he said, facing the camera, in a message posted on Twitter. 

No to #vaccinationobligatory, no to # passsanitaire @ AkhenatonIAM @ iamShurikN @ ImhotepIAM @ IamSaidOfficiel @ djkheopspic.twitter.com / 6wB8r4PWkG

- Official Akhenaton (@AkhenatonIAM) July 17, 2021

"Unfortunately, these laws are extremely dangerous for the future of everyone. We must not forget that it is together that we will find solutions. Long live life, long live love, unity. Long live the Humanity, I hope so anyway. "