04 August 2021 Anti-SarsCoV2 vaccination "is not contraindicated in pregnancy".

This is what is read in the circular of the Ministry of Health regarding 'Certifications of exemption for anti-COVID vaccination'.

"If after medical evaluation you opt to postpone vaccination, the pregnant woman can be issued a certificate of temporary exemption from vaccination", the ministry specifies, underlining that "breastfeeding is not a contraindication to anti-SarsCoV2 vaccination".

The cases of exemption

In addition, the SARS-COV-2 vaccination exemption certification is issued "in the event that the vaccination itself is omitted or deferred due to the presence of specific documented clinical conditions, which contraindicate it permanently or temporarily". This was established by the circular of the Ministry of Health 'Certifications of exemption for vaccination against COVID'. People who obtain an exemption from vaccination, it says, "must be adequately informed about the need to continue to maintain prevention measures" such as use of masks, distancing, avoiding gatherings.