• In Moselle, the Sainte-Croix animal park and the Amneville zoo have taken the initiative to install an anti-Covid screening center at the entrance to their site.

  • The initiative aims to slow down the drop in the number of visitors due to the implementation of the health pass.

  • "The first estimates show 5 to 10% of visitors who are tested before being able to enter", according to the Parc de Sainte-Croix.

Welcome to the unvaccinated!

In Moselle, the Sainte-Croix animal park and the Amneville zoo took the initiative, this week, to install a free anti-Covid screening center (for the French) and without an appointment at the entrance of their site.

An initiative that aims to slow down the decline in the number of visitors.

Because since July 21, date of implementation of the health pass, animal parks have seen a fairly sharp drop in attendance.

“It's a shame because the dynamic was pretty good, and we had a remarkable month of June,” assures the management of the Parc de Sainte-Croix at

20 Minutes


"A 50% drop in admissions"

According to her, "people were taken aback."

“The same day the pass was set up, when the weather was the same as the day before, we suffered a 50% drop in admissions overnight.

We had to react, ”says the park.

The idea was born, then, of allowing unvaccinated visitors to be tested on site.

This has been the case since Monday, at the Sainte-Croix park, and this Wednesday, at the Amneville zoo.

"We followed the example of the Beauval or La Flèche zoo, for example, which had put this system in place for a few days," says the Sainte-Croix park.

Early estimates point to 5-10% of visitors getting tested before they can enter.


Antigen test, walk-in

This involves performing an antigen test, without an appointment, with a result communicated in 15 minutes.

In Sainte-Croix, management was able to arrange with a health professional, with the approval of the prefecture and the Regional Health Agency, to set up its anti-Covid testing center, open in the morning from Monday to Saturday.

“This Wednesday, with the good weather, the screening tent was stormed, testifies the park.

It is sometimes a pregnant woman who does not wish to be vaccinated or a person belonging to a group and who does not have her vaccination schedule fully validated.


In mid-July, the French association of zoos had already alerted the government and requested a postponement of the measure to September 15, for fear of a dissuasive effect on visitors.


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