Regarding the medical care provision system for the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Suga met with representatives of medical organizations such as the Japan Medical Association, and it is necessary after summarizing the policy that home medical treatment is the basis except for critically ill patients. We asked for cooperation in establishing a system.

Among them, Prime Minister Suga commented on the government's policy that home medical treatment should be the basis except for critically ill patients. We have changed our policy to ensure that everyone has the medical care they need, depending on their symptoms. "

And in areas of widespread infection, make sure that critically ill patients, moderately ill patients who require oxygen administration, and patients with diseases such as diabetes are hospitalized, and that other people are immediately hospitalized if their symptoms worsen. I explained that I will establish a system that allows me to be hospitalized.

After that, he requested, "At local clinics, which are close to and dependable for patients, we want them to understand the patient's situation and provide appropriate medical care through home visits and online medical care."

Then, Prime Minister Suga said, "I am determined to protect the lives and health of the people. I would like to work together with the national government, local governments, and medical personnel to overcome the difficulties. I would like to ask for your further support in strengthening accommodation treatment. "

In response, Chairman Nakagawa of the Japan Medical Association pointed out that "with the issuance of a national emergency declaration, stronger measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as not crossing prefectural borders without exception, are needed on a nationwide scale." ..

In addition, "Regional medical associations and medical institutions will further strengthen the system development with a particular emphasis on home medical treatment. In order to overcome difficult situations, medical staff will reiterate their determination to confront as one. I responded.

Chairman Nakagawa of the Japan Medical Association "Efforts to follow up"

"We will make efforts to increase the frequency, participating doctors, and medical institutions for online and telephone follow-up of patients undergoing home care," Nakagawa, chairman of the Japan Medical Association, told reporters.

On the other hand, Chairman Nakagawa said, "If the number of infected people increases explosively, it will become a reality that no matter how many doctors there are, we will have to do our best."