China News Service, August 3-According to Agence France-Presse, Madagascar President Rajolina was nearly assassinated in July, and new developments have emerged in the case.

On August 1, local time, 21 people were arrested on suspicion of participating in the assassination, including 5 active generals and senior police officers.

  Madagascar’s Attorney General Razafi Rivoni said at a press conference: “So far, 21 people have been arrested and are under investigation.”

  Previously, 6 people were arrested on suspicion of participating in this case, including 2 French citizens.

  Razafia Rivoni said that in this recent arrest, 12 active-duty soldiers and policemen were arrested, including "5 generals, 2 captains, and 5 non-commissioned officers." The rest were 4 domestic and foreign retired officers. Military police and 5 civilians.

  Razafia Rivoni also revealed that the authorities seized 209,300 euros, two cars and a shotgun.

  The situation in Madagascar has been turbulent for months.

At the beginning of 2009, the then President Mark Ravalomanana handed over power under the pressure of the mutiny army and went into exile. The opposition leader Rajoolina became the transitional president.

With the mediation of the Southern African Development Community, the main political factions in Madagascar signed a road map to resolve the crisis and held presidential elections.

Rajoline won the presidential election held in 2018.