Arab athletes in the Tokyo Olympics boosted the balance of gold medals achieved during Arab participation in the history of Olympic competitions.

After winning the gold medal, today, Monday, in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, Moroccan runner Soufiane Bakkali raised Morocco's tally to 7 gold medals in the history of Olympic participation.

Morocco is equal with Egypt at the forefront of the Arab countries most crowned with the precious metal during the Olympic Games.

He outperformed swimmers from the giants of specialization and won the first gold medal for Arabs in the Tokyo Olympics.. The audience of #Al Jazeera considers Tunisian swimmer Ahmed Al-Hafnawi the personality of the week in the #news_race |

Report: Jaafar Salamat

- Al Jazeera Channel (@AJArabic) August 1, 2021

The gold won by swimmer Ahmed Hafnaoui gave Tunisia its fifth medal in the history of its Olympic participation, to share with Algeria the third place.

Qatar entered the list of Arab countries crowned with gold thanks to the gold medals of Moataz Barshim in the triple jump and Faris Ibrahim in weightlifting during the Tokyo Olympics, to share the fifth place with Bahrain, which won the same balance of gold medals in its previous participation.

The Club of Arabs crowned with gold includes countries with one gold medal, namely Syria, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

In general, throughout the history of the Olympic Games, Arabs have won 118 medals, including 31 gold, 29 silver and 58 bronze.