China News Service, Beijing, August 2 The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Legal Supervision of Procuratorial Organs in the New Era" was announced on the 2nd.

The "Opinions" proposed to comprehensively improve the quality and effectiveness of legal supervision and maintain judicial justice.

  Related requirements include: perfecting the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion mechanism.

Strengthen the supervision of criminal case filing, investigation activities and trial activities.

Strengthen the connection between the procuratorial organs and the supervisory organs in handling cases, as well as cooperation and restriction.

Improve criminal enforcement and supervision of law enforcement.

Accurately carry out civil litigation supervision.

Comprehensively deepen administrative inspection and supervision.

Actively and steadily promote public interest litigation prosecution.

Improve the working mechanism of trial supervision.

Further enhance the effectiveness of legal supervision.

  The "Opinions" proposed to improve the system of law enforcement and judicial information sharing, case notification, and case transfer between procuratorial agencies and administrative law enforcement agencies, public security agencies, judicial agencies, and judicial administrative agencies, so as to realize the connection between administrative and criminal penalties in accordance with the law.

Where the administrative law enforcement agency fails to transfer suspected criminal cases to the public security agency in accordance with the law, the procuratorial agency shall supervise in accordance with the law.

If an administrative law enforcement officer is found to be suspected of duty violation or duty crime clues, it shall be handed over to the supervisory organ for handling.

Improve the system for procuratorial organs to transfer criminal suspects who decide not to prosecute to relevant competent authorities to impose administrative penalties, government sanctions or other sanctions in accordance with the law.

  The "Opinions" emphasized that it is necessary to improve the working mechanism of combining procuratorial work in prisons, detention centers and other supervision places with patrolling inspections, strengthen supervision of community corrections and property penalty execution, promote strict supervision in accordance with the law, and enhance the effectiveness of criminal rehabilitation.

Strengthen the supervision of the delivery of penalties and the execution of compulsory medical treatment, and maintain judicial authority.

Improve the simultaneous supervision mechanism for the execution of penalty changes, and effectively prevent and correct illegal commutation, parole, and temporary execution outside prison.

Strengthen the construction of information networking with supervision sites, and strengthen the supervision of cases of overdue custody and abnormal deaths of detainees.

  The "Opinions" proposed to further enhance the effectiveness of legal supervision.

The procuratorial organs should strengthen the investigation and verification of supervision matters, and carry out precise legal supervision.

When the procuratorial organ reads the file materials or other documents of the unit under supervision in accordance with the law, inquires the parties, persons outside the case, or other relevant personnel, and collects evidence materials, the relevant units and individuals shall assist and cooperate.

If a corrective opinion or procuratorial suggestion is submitted to the relevant unit in accordance with the law, the relevant unit shall promptly implement the rectification and respond to it. If there are disagreements, it may explain the situation in writing or submit a reconsideration within the specified time.

For units and individuals that refuse to assist in investigations and accept supervision without justifiable reasons, the procuratorial organ may recommend to the supervisory organ or the superior competent authority of the unit to deal with it in accordance with laws and regulations.

When procuratorial organs find clues that party members are suspected of violating party discipline or public officials are suspected of violating the law or crime of their duties in the course of legal supervision, they shall transfer them to the discipline inspection and supervision organs or relevant party organizations, appointment and dismissal organs and units for handling in accordance with regulations and laws.

  The "Opinions" also proposes to give full play to the role of legal supervision, serve the overall situation and serve the people's justice.

Resolutely maintain national security and overall social stability.

Adhere to the overall national security concept and actively invest in the construction of a higher level of Safe China.

Resolutely prevent and punish crimes such as splitting the country, subverting state power, organizing and carrying out terrorist activities, and improving the ability to maintain national security.

  The "Opinions" also emphasized the need to actively lead the society's awareness of the rule of law.

Integrate socialist core values ​​into legal supervision, and regulate social behaviors and lead social trends by promoting strict law enforcement and fair justice.