China News Service, Beijing, August 2 (Reporter Kan Feng Lang Lang) On the 2nd, the official website of the Ministry of Education showed that Huai Jinpeng, who was previously the party secretary and vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, has replaced Chen Baosheng as the party secretary of the Ministry of Education.

Chen Baosheng, who has served in the Ministry of Education for 5 years, is 65 years old this year.

Data map: Huai Jinpeng answers media reporters' questions. Photographed by Sun Zifa

59-year-old academician takes up the post of the Ministry of Education

  On August 2, the “Leaders of the Ministry of Education” column on the official website of the Ministry of Education showed that Huai Jinpeng had served as the Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Education.

  Huai Jinpeng, who is now in the new Ministry of Education, is a native of Jinan, Shandong and was born in December 1962.

He has many titles of scientists. Not only has he worked for the Chinese Association for Science and Technology for many years, but he is also an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has a background in computer software and is recognized as a domestic big data expert.

  Now, on the website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huai Jinpeng's profile mentions that he is a computer software expert, mainly engaged in networked software technology and system research.

  Huai Jinpeng's academic title is not only an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he also served as a member of the National Informatization Expert Advisory Committee, the chief scientist of the 863 program, the leader of the overall group of the national e-government pilot demonstration project, and the national e-government standardization The overall team leader and other positions.

  Judging from his resume, Huai Jinpeng has a deep connection with the education system.

In 1987, he graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with a master's degree and was assigned to teach at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

After working and studying at Beihang University for more than 20 years, in May 2009, Huai Jinpeng became the president of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (vice ministerial level).

  "Study and excellence will lead you to practice". In February 2015, Huai Jinpeng became the deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In December 2016, he was appointed as the deputy secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee. In August 2017, he was transferred to the China Association for Science and Technology.

Data map: Huai Jinpeng delivered a speech at the 35-year review report on poverty alleviation by Luliang of the China Association for Science and Technology.

Photo courtesy of China Association for Science and Technology

Zeng vigorously promoted the combination of science and education to cultivate innovative top-notch talents

  As a scientist with long-term teaching experience, Huai Jinpeng pays special attention to the integration of science and education and the cultivation of innovative talents.

  In June of this year, Huai Jinpeng published an article in the People's Daily with the title of "Assemble the Intelligent Power to Achieve High-Level Technological Self-reliance".

  He proposed that to cultivate innovative talents, we should pay more attention to the independent cultivation of talents, the cultivation and education of scientific spirit, innovation ability, and critical thinking, the training of young talents, and the construction of scientific research and innovation highlands that effectively gather global talents.

  He also mentioned that promoting the integration of industry, academia and research, more closely linking innovation entities, and more accurately addressing the difficulties, key points and "stuck neck" problems of economic development.

  In fact, during the work of Beihang University, Huai Jinpeng focused on promoting the reform of the school-running mechanism with the integration of science and education. The school launched the "Great Wall Action Plan", strengthened substantive cooperation with the relevant institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and actively explored implementations that are more in line with the law of talent growth and adapt to personality. Educational and teaching model reforms required by modernization.

  For example, in 2009, Beihang and the Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the "Hua Luogeng Science Class" to jointly explore a model for cultivating top-notch innovative talents. Each year, more than 30 undergraduates and more than 10 doctoral students are selected for joint training.

  Huai Jinpeng believes that the collaborative education of science and education is an effective way to explore the training model of top-notch innovative talents and realize resource sharing, win-win cooperation, and open development.

Data map: On September 26, 2019, the press center of the event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China held the second press conference. Chen Baosheng answered questions from reporters.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

65-year-old Chen Baosheng resigns as secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Education

  Chen Baosheng, who stepped down as secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Education, was born in May 1956 and is 65 years old this year.

  Chen Baosheng, an educated youth, was admitted to the Department of Economics of Peking University in 1978. After graduation, he worked in his hometown of Gansu for a long time.

In 2002, Chen Baosheng was promoted to the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda. In 2004, he was appointed Secretary of the Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee.

  After serving in Gansu for more than 20 years, in 2008, Chen Baosheng was transferred to Beijing and successively served in the Central Party School and the National School of Administration. Since June 2016, he took over Yuan Guiren as the Party Secretary of the Ministry of Education and was later appointed as the Minister of Education.

  Since serving in the Ministry of Education, Chen Baosheng has gained a high degree of exposure in the media. When talking about hot topics in the education field, his humorous style and frequent "golden sentences" have attracted wide public attention.

  When it comes to off-campus training institutions, he once said that many of the training transcripts, advertisements, and slogans displayed by those training institutions are chicken soup and fudge.

"The chicken soup drank everyone drunk, and mistaken Fudge for jade. This is not okay. If you don't listen to the advice and listen to Fudge, the burden will increase everyone's worry."

  Regarding the burden reduction of children, he mentioned, “If the burden is not reduced, the students are unhappy, the students are unhappy, that is, the baby is unhappy, the baby is unhappy, and the consequences are very serious.”

  Regarding reducing the burden on teachers in primary and middle schools, he once said that "teachers should be freed from "uncle cousins" and "cousins".