Playing with fire on the Taiwan issue will eventually lead to fire (Sun Moon Talk)

  The U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee recently passed a motion that "requests the U.S. Secretary of State to formulate a strategy to regain Taiwan's observer status with the World Health Organization."

The United States will pass this motion that seriously violates the one-China principle. It is both deliberately arguing for "Taiwan independence" and provoking issues for both sides of the strait, and it is also an act of playing with fire regardless of the risk of self-immolation.

  WHO is a specialized agency under the United Nations, and its members must be members of the United Nations, that is, sovereign states.

As a part of China, the Taiwan region cannot become a member of the WHO in any case.

When Ma Ying-jeou was in power, Taiwan's ability to participate in the WHO Conference under the name of "Chinese Taipei" and as an observer was a special arrangement made through consultations between the two sides of the strait on the basis of the "92 Consensus."

  The DPP authorities refused to accept the "92 Consensus" and did not recognize that the two sides of the strait belong to the same China. The preconditions for Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly as an observer no longer exist.

The DPP authorities took the blame for themselves, but they blamed the mainland for "suppressing and obstructing," and repeatedly resorting to the epidemic to seek "independence." The despicable behavior is despicable.

Never thought that the "dignified" United States should be such a sect.

This time the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee passed relevant bills, and the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Menendez falsely stated that "Mainland China blocks Taiwan's participation in the WHO", using the same caliber as the DPP authorities.

  The relevant bill of the US Congress seriously violates the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiqués, and seriously violates the basic principles confirmed by the UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 and the WHO Resolution 25.1. It is a piece of waste paper, ineffective, and doomed. In vain.

The only result is to expose to the world the true face of the United States, which is perfidious and unscrupulous for its own benefit.

  The United States has repeatedly sent the wrong message to "Taiwan independence" on the WHO issue. The political intention behind it is no longer a secret: to instigate the DPP authorities to act as a pawn to charge forward, to find fault and block the mainland, and ultimately achieve the goal of containing China's development.

The United States claims to be thinking about Taiwan's "international space", but it actually uses Taiwan as a tool to let Taiwan "draw chestnuts from the fire", and it intends to sit back and reap the profits.

  In recent times, the United States has played the "Taiwan card" in a variety of ways and made frequent moves.

The U.S. Congress passed the "State Department Appropriations Act", prohibiting the U.S. government from spending money to produce, purchase, or display any map that draws Taiwan as part of China; a U.S. military transport plane landed at Taipei's Songshan base not long ago and stayed for more than 30 minutes; U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Passing a bill proposes to strengthen ties with the DPP authorities, to change the name of the DPP authorities in the United States to "Taiwan Representative Office," etc...

  The Taiwan issue is China's internal affair, and no foreign interference is allowed.

The United States violates international law and the basic norms of international relations, vainly trying to provoke China's internal contradictions and harm others' self-interest. Not only does it expose itself to its true selfishness and dominance, it also drags itself into a dangerous quagmire.

The United States should fully recognize the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, and do not underestimate the Chinese people's determination, determination, and strong ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity!

Today, when the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation shows unprecedented bright prospects, anyone who dreams of infringing on China's sovereignty, security, and development interests will not end well.

  The DPP authorities, who are willing to be American pawns, must also stop deceiving themselves and recognize that the United States is never willing to make a "lost business", never sincerely consider the true intentions of Taiwan or the DPP authorities, and recognize that they can become abandoned at any time. The objective reality of the child.

The "Taiwan independence" forces and external forces are linked to each other, and they want to rely on "Foreign adults" for their backing, betray national interests, and attempt to split the motherland. They will also not end well.

  Wang Ping