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Europe, protests against various restrictions due to COVID-19 continue. Hundreds of protesters clashed with police over the weekend in Germany, where people have to show vaccination certificates to eat out, and violent protests have continued in France for a third week.

Reporter Lee Hyun-jung reports.

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hundreds of protesters march through the streets to protest the COVID-19 restrictions, the police arrest the protesters.

In Berlin, Germany, a rally was banned due to the spread of Corona 19, but citizens who oppose the quarantine measures took to the streets and clashed with the police.

About 2,000 police officers were deployed to disperse the protesters, and water cannons were also used.

[Thilo Kablitz/Berlin Police Spokesperson: Demonstrators violently tried to break through barriers in various places and had to be put down.]

Germany has reopened restaurants and bars since May, but if you want to go outside, you must be vaccinated against COVID-19. or you must provide proof.

Large-scale protests continued in France for the third week.

Thousands have taken to the streets, including in Paris, to protest the recently passed 'vaccine passport' bill.

[Protester: We are starting to lose all our freedom. It must be stopped.] In

Italy, as the Corona 19 restrictions continue, such as 80,000 protesters across the country, protests are spreading.