People's Power Representative Lee Jun-seok said today (2nd) that former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol joined the party on the 30th of last month in the absence of the party leader, saying, "There is something very unfortunate about the format."

Representative Lee said on the radio today, "Originally, there was a prior understanding that I was enlisting on August 2nd, and it is known that the schedule was changed urgently because information was leaked in the middle.

He added, "There seems to be a difference of opinion as to the cause of the leak as to the route of the leak."

To the host's question, 'Are you upset?', he replied, "No," and "Before I was upset because I didn't know what the intention was."

Representative Lee also said, "We will set up a verification team under the party representative's office (elected candidates)," adding, "The main task will be to gather information in advance about the expected attack from the other side and develop defense logic based on it." .

When asked if the verification team could intervene in the internal election process, he said, "Of course, it should." "The Party Election Commission has the right to intervene when the primary is overheated. must be quickly and accurately judged, and the organization that supports it is the verification team.”

Chairman Lee said about the alliance with the People's Party, "I have to make a resolution on the merger by at least August 15th and discuss the merger within this week,” he said.

Regarding the possibility of unification of candidates if Representative Ahn appears as a candidate for the People's Party, he said, "You must change the constitution and bylaws of the People's Party to run. "Unification depends on the will of party members and candidates, but there is uncertainty," he said.

Regarding the feminist controversy surrounding Ansan player, he said, "Catching such a frame in itself only aggravates the gender conflict. mentioned that.

Regarding the controversy that arose when spokesperson Yang Jun-woo of People's Power said, "The core of the controversy lies in the use of the term masculinity and radical feminism (radical feminism)." "If you have an inappropriate perception about it, we will take disciplinary action," he said.