Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, August 2 (Reporter Jiang Yaping Hong Keroon) According to KCNA, Vice Minister Kim Yo-jung of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea called on South Korea to cancel the joint military exercise scheduled to be held in August on the 1st. Said that the DPRK-ROK summit is not possible for the time being.

  Kim Yu-jung said in a statement that she has recently heard one after another that the South Korea-US joint military exercise will be held as scheduled. This military exercise “seriously undermines the North-South leaders’ will to re-start the trust restoration process” and “gives the prospect of North-South relations further. Cast a shadow", "Our government and army will closely monitor whether the South will hold hostile war exercises in August or make other decisive decisions."

  Kim Yoo Jung criticized South Korea for over-interpreting the significance of the resumption of communication between North Korea and South Korea.

She said that restarting the communication line is only to physically restore the cut off communication channel, and no other meaning is allowed.

  She also denied the possibility of holding a summit between the DPRK and the ROK recently discussed by South Korean public opinion, saying that "this is a premature and indiscreet judgment."

  North Korea and South Korea announced on July 27 at the same time that the two countries decided to resume the communication line that was interrupted in June last year from the same day.