• Fires in Pescara, injured bathers fleeing.

    Burns Pineta Dannunziana


02 August 2021 After the tragic Sunday of fire that devastated the south of the city of Pescara, the damage is counted.

Last night the firefighters have cleared and monitored the entire area with different teams, putting out some small outbreak that had reactivated in the bud.

Other men and vehicles of the fire brigade worked to tame fires in the areas of Farindola (already affected by a large fire yesterday), Castiglione a Casauria and Città Sant'Angelo. 

Only at dawn today was the situation brought under control. Last night from Lazio and Tuscany the mobile columns of the fire brigade arrived to help their colleagues from Abruzzo. Meanwhile, at dawn, the Palabecci of the Pescara tourist port was emptied, where yesterday some people who had been slightly intoxicated in the fires converged. In these hours, gradually the people evacuated from their homes, especially for precautionary reasons, will return to their homes. As reported by the police yesterday, a hundred people had been evacuated in addition to bathing beaches and a rest home. In these hours the damage count has already begun. 

Over 30 people ended up in the emergency room. Some of the people in question, including a girl and two nuns who lived in a structure in the pine forest area, were transported by 118, but most of them reached the hospital independently. In all cases these are people who have reported a mild intoxication after inhaling fumes, but none of them have reported more serious consequences. 

The flames reached the beaches south of the city where bathers had to witness "apocalyptic" scenes. "It looked like yesterday afternoon they dropped an atomic bomb. We have 16 palm trees, a gazebo and a hundred sun beds burned. Yesterday there were incredible scenes. This establishment was taken in full unlike the others. Trust me it was a terrible day and Thank goodness we had the cars moved before the flames came, "said the owner of a bathhouse. 

"It was just after 3.40 pm. I was behind the rescue tower and I saw people start to flee with the black cloud we tried to get people out without crowding even if someone had panic attacks. We saw the burning of the first palm then smoke and stampede. Never seen such a thing ", said the lifeguard.

For the local administrators, behind this havoc there is the hand of man: "We had, as if to say, a systematic attack with dozens of outbreaks in three provinces. Obviously it is not accidental at all and it is useless to think that it is just randomness of nature. . When this happens on the days of hottest and most windy days and in such a systematic and scientific way in places of difficult access with difficulty to turn off it is clear that there is almost always the hand of the man behind and I hope that the investigations and the judiciary and the investigators make an important effort to bring to justice these criminals who put human lives at risk as well as destroying a precious environmental heritage In Pescara the D'Annunzio pine forest and one of our main landscaped areas were attacked.But not only in pescara damage since the mayor told us that there are 50 people to settle. State of calamity? we will see. Now let's think about putting out the fires ", said the president of the Abruzzo region Marco Marsilio at the end of last night's meeting chaired in the prefecture to take stock of the dramatic day of fires. 

"This area of ​​the pine forest is an integral reserve and is completely destroyed. It makes you cry to look at it. The environmental damage is incalculable. Here are the roots of Pescara. This is the heart of the city, its green lung and today we see it destroyed" , said the mayor of Pescara, Carlo Masci, in front of sector 5 of the D'Annunzio pinewood nature reserve, while the area is invaded by smoke and the extinguishing operations are continuing. "Being an integral reserve, it is an area not subject to maintenance and the undergrowth burned quickly - he explains - the flames also affected sector 4 of the reserve, where a wooden house owned by the municipality was also destroyed".