Anyone who wants to know how the Olympics will go on has to know the picture.

Not the pictures.

The one picture.

The self-image of Olympia that the officials of the International Olympic Committee have of themselves.

It can hardly be seen in the tapestry that they have laid across the planet since July 23rd.

Here and there there is a facet to see.

On Wednesday, for example, the Hungarian Kristof Milak swam over 200 meters butterfly, as everyone had expected.

Members of the IOC are very fond of winning favorites because it's so easy to plan who will be sent to the award ceremony and when.

Christoph Becker

Sports editor.

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The producers of the tapestry, IOC subsidiary Olympic Broadcasting Services, don't really like victories like Milak's. Reason: too few emotions. Milak barely made a face when he got to the edge of the pool, and when he did, the corners of his mouth tended to go down. Missed world record. The TV carpet producers don't get anything from that, it's not so good for their own product. Especially since the people are missing. No spectators, no mood.

And even if IOC President Thomas Bach told about digital applause competitions across continents and supervised video telephony with loved ones at home for the athletes two days before the opening, his top tapestry producer, OBS Chief Executive Yiannis Excharchos, announced on the day Milak moved his favorite victory to motionlessness: “Human closeness cannot be reproduced digitally.

I think we have to be honest.

I love technology, but technology cannot do everything. ”For example, technology cannot conjure up emotions in winners who hide emotions.

But, at least: Kristof Milak, favorite win.

IOC protocol is flawless.

You can't ask for more.

That was exactly why Pál Schmitt had waited. That Pál Schmitt should now honor his compatriot Milak in the Tokyo Aquatics Center - or should Kristof Milak be honored by Schmitt? - justifies a look at his vita. This also adds another facet to the IOC's self-image, perhaps even an informative one. Schmitt was once the Hungarian President, also because he was previously a successful fencer.

So, highlight reel: two golds, epee team, Mexico City 68, Munich 72. After that, career as an official, IOC member from 83, Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee from 86th turn. President of the NOK from 90, author of a doctoral thesis, which he copied to a large extent, which is not a problem at first, chief of protocol of the IOC, unsuccessful attempt at the IOC presidency, political career in the Orbán party Fidesz, rise from NOK president to President 2010. In 2012 plagiarism is a problem, a scandal, the dismissal of the doctorate, resignation. As president. Not as an IOC member.

That is why, a week before Kristof Milak is honored by him, Pál Schmitt is sitting in the hall of the Hotel The Okura, in which the IOC members reside during the games, otherwise there is no other way of saying it. If you don't believe it, check out the notice "Notice of Change in Business Structure in Conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games" on the Okura website. The IOC General Assembly is taking place in the hall. Brisbane has just given its presentation, bid for the 2032 Summer Games, opposing candidates: none.