Israeli Prime Minister Bennett claimed Iran's involvement in a tanker sailing off the coast of Oman in the Middle East, which was attacked by someone and killed two sailors.

The Iranian side has denied, but there are concerns that the death toll will increase tensions between the two sides.

Off the coast of Oman, the Middle East, on July 29, a tanker owned by a Japanese company and operated by a British-based company was attacked by someone, killing two British and Romanian sailors. did.

According to the Israeli media, the shipping company is one of the Israeli-owned group companies.

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett accused Iran of attacking Israel on the 1st, claiming that it was an attack by the Iranian side, saying that "Iran attacked a tanker using an unmanned aircraft aimed at Israel."

Meanwhile, according to Iran's state news agency, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hathi Buzade said in a press conference on the 1st, "Israel should stop making unfounded claims against Iran. Israel has destabilized the region. "There is," he denied involvement.

The hostile Israeli and Iran do not admit that they are attacking each other, but since last year there have been a series of attacks on vessels that the two countries appear to be involved in.

There is concern that tensions will increase between the two sides, as the crew died this time and the Israeli side has suggested retaliation.

U.S. Secretary of State "Iran attacked with unmanned aerial vehicle"

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement on the 1st, claiming that it was an attack by Iran, saying, "The United States is confident that Iran has attacked with an unmanned aircraft. I strongly blame it."

After that, he said, "We are in talks with friendly countries," and made it clear that he is considering some kind of response.

British Foreign Minister "Attack is a deliberate violation of international law by Iran"

British Foreign Minister Raab issued a statement yesterday, accusing the attack of being intentional and a clear violation of international law by Iran.

He said that vessels should be allowed to navigate freely in accordance with international law, and urged Iran to stop similar attacks, and revealed that it is considering a response in cooperation with friendly countries. Did.