"I read that the blow had been slight ... But I was in a middle car and it

was strong enough

that the lady next to me grabbed my arm in shock."

This is how Paula remembers the moment of the event, one of the 200 people who were traveling on the

train that derailed on Line 5 of the metro this Saturday

, at the entrance of the Puerta de Toledo station.

After the impact, which took place at 8.30 pm, the lights flickered and the train came to a halt. Paula evokes to this newspaper how, at first, both she and the rest of the travelers remained calm, trusting that "soon she would move again", but as the minutes passed the

nervousness spread

throughout the convoy. "It was a bit traumatic for me because I didn't know what was happening for a long time. I imagined the worst ... I called my mother crying

thinking that they had planted a bomb

. Nobody told us anything," recalls this young woman, still shocked by what happened.

She, along with the rest of the users, were evacuated. To do this, they had to go through several of the doors that separate the wagons until they reached "a kind of metal ramp" through which they were able to access another train that took them to the Acacias station. Beyond the initial confusion,

there was only one minor injury

: an individual who suffered a blow to the shoulder and was treated and discharged from the scene.

"The Police and Metro staff, as well as the Fire Department, did an incredible job helping and reassuring people," highlights Paula, who

came "home crying



After the event, Metro de Madrid, through its Twitter account, indicated that circulation was interrupted

"due to an incident at the facilities"

, which puzzled many passengers. After revealing that what had really occurred was a derailment, dozens of users

did not hesitate to reproach Metro for

its explanation.

"Incidence is when there is a blackout or a pipe breaks;

a derailment is an accident

", "Nice euphemism to call 'incidents in the facilities' to avoid saying derailment" or "I do not understand why Metro does not indicate it with more precision what it happens,

if it is going to end up knowing the same

", were some of the reproaches that were dedicated to the Metro Twitter account.

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