, Lanzhou, August 1 (Zhou Ren Guo Gangan) "When the motherland and people need it most, I will sacrifice myself like the old squad leader Qiu Shaoyun..." 28 years ago, Zhang Hongfeng, who was a soldier of Qiu Shaoyun's army, was three times He wrote down the invitation letter and strongly urged to perform tasks in the most dangerous areas. In order to protect the safety of the masses and comrades in arms, he did not hesitate to grab the explosives thrown by the criminals into the crowd, and was blown up with his left hand and right eye at the moment of throwing it. It was assessed as disability grade II.

  Over the past 28 years, Zhang Hongfeng has grown from a soldier to a divisional leader, always keeping in mind his original mission, firming his ideals and convictions, and sticking to his promises to the people.

He was successively awarded the honorary title of "Guardian of the People" by the former Lanzhou Military Region, and was jointly commended by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the China Disabled Persons' Federation as a "National Model of Self-Strengthening". Tackling tough battles against advanced individuals".

Have the courage to "fight bayonet" with difficulties, and fight wherever the most difficult

  In October 1993, when Zhang Hongfeng was carrying out a mission with the troops, a homemade bomb made by lawbreakers fell from the sky with blue smoke and fell at the feet of his comrades in arms. The lives of more than 30 comrades in arms and surrounding people were at stake.

Zhang Hongfeng rushed to push his comrades aside, grabbed the bomb and went out. The bomb exploded at the moment he shot it, his left hand was blown off, his right eye was blown up, and his body was severely bleeding.

After two days and two nights of rescue, Zhang Hongfeng woke up and found that his left hand was gone and his eyes could not see anything. The first words he asked the medical staff when lying in the bed were not where the hands and eyes went, but Are the comrades in arms and the masses injured?

  After the injury, normal life and training are hurdles that Zhang Hongfeng needs to cross.

In order to adapt to the needs of the job, he gritted his teeth and practiced hard, hitting a backpack, putting his knees, teeth, and disabled left arm together. The backpack was covered with blood stains from the corners of his mouth and his injured arm; after practicing prostrate, the scars on his arms and knees had not healed yet. Worn through; the 400-meter obstacle, five-kilometer cross-country, pistol shooting and other subjects, the amount of training is several times more than that of ordinary people, and the requirements for themselves are almost harsh, but none of them are behind...

  Dare to "cannot get through" with yourself, and to "fight bayonet" with difficulties.

It is precisely because of his unwillingness to admit defeat, he has walked all the way from multiple positions such as grassroots platoon leader, brigade organ cadre, and deputy commander of the military division. The fighting style of daring to fight hard has not changed.

  In June 2017, Zhang Hongfeng exchanged from combat troops to take up a post at the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces in Qin'an County, Gansu Province.

Qin'an is a state-level deeply impoverished county and Liupanshan concentrated contiguous extremely impoverished counties. The task of poverty alleviation is arduous.

As the political commissar of the Ministry of Human Resources and Military Affairs, Zhang Hongfeng, together with other county-level leaders, is responsible for the precise poverty alleviation work in the towns and towns to which they belong.

In the county's overall planning and division of labor, taking into account Zhang Hongfeng's health, it is planned to arrange for him to go to towns where the task of poverty alleviation is relatively light.

After Zhang Hongfeng heard about it, he hurriedly found the main leader of the county party committee and said that soldiers should charge on the battlefield. Although I am physically disabled, I can fight tough battles and gnaw hard bones. Please organize me to arrange me in Wangpu Town, where the task of poverty alleviation is the most important.

Unable to hold up Zhang Hongfeng's repeated requests, the county party committee finally agreed.

  "Wang Puliang, the north wind was violent, the grass dried up, and the wolf was frozen to death." This folk song that has been circulating for thousands of years tells the harsh natural environment of Wangpu Town.

Of the five poor villages in Qin'an County that have not taken off their hats, three are in the town.

For a long time, Wangpu Town has been mainly planting traditional crops, relying on the sky for food, being self-sufficient, and lacking a systematic pillar industry, which has become a key factor influencing the people to get rid of poverty and become rich.

  In order to help the masses get rid of poverty as soon as possible, Zhang Hongfeng led people to climb hills and bridges, walked through the villages and villages of Wangpu Town, organized the masses to brainstorm ideas, make plans, and select projects to determine "one town, one industry", "one village, one product", The "one household, one policy" assistance goals and measures proposed the development of characteristic planting industries and the promotion of high value-added cash crops such as pepper and apples.

At first, the folks who were accustomed to growing potatoes and miscellaneous grains shook their heads when they heard that they wanted to plant other crops. They thought that planting pepper, apples, had a long cycle and slow results.

  Zhang Hongfeng and the cadres in the town explained the policies and compared the accounts to the villagers. They talked on the ground during the day and talked at the house at night.

Everyone was moved by Zhang Hongfeng's sincerity of "wearing his mouth and running and breaking his legs". In the end, more than 50 households agreed to try a few acres of peppercorns.

In order to ensure the success of the trial planting, Zhang Hongfeng invited technicians to give lectures and seek guidance from planting experts. The method was more effective than the road. The pepper seedlings grew well in those days.

  But the problem soon came. Although the agricultural products had a good harvest, the local mountains were steep and the roads were difficult to drive. The merchants from other places could not get in, and the pepper could not be shipped out. This worries the pepper farmers.

  Repair roads.

This is the only way out, but the most difficult is to build roads, lacking projects, funding, and materials.

Zhang Hongfeng coordinated to find project funding support and sought urban investment companies for cement and sandstone materials.

After the road was started, in order to speed up the construction progress and ensure the quality of the project, he always focused on the scene to coordinate and supervise. It is common for him to be covered in dirt on a sunny day and muddy on a rainy day.

  In the past two years, Zhang Hongfeng has gone to the countryside more than 100 times, and has gone to the provincial, municipal and county three-level coordination special funds for more than 10 times to build 17.3 kilometers of industrial roads for the villagers, opening up the "last mile" for the transportation of agricultural products. Achieve a steady increase in revenue.

At the end of 2019, Wangpu Town achieved overall poverty alleviation.

Anxious for what the masses think, solve the difficulties of the masses, rush to the forefront in times of crisis

  In April last year, there was a sudden rain and sleet in Qin'an County, Gansu Province. Zhang Hongfeng was responsible for the blockage of a section of the rural trunk road in Wangpu Town. The accumulation of water was serious, and roads and farmland could be washed away at any time, bringing safety to villagers’ lives and property. loss.

  Zhang Hongfeng quickly led 40 militia commandos and rushed to the scene.

Due to the deep mountain ditch, winding mountain roads, and the slippery road, the moving vehicles almost slipped.

Some people suggested that the water canal is still safe now, and it should be used after the rain and snow stop.

  "Achieved one second early, and one second early to ease the danger. Although it is dangerous, the commandos must dare to charge and overcome difficulties." Zhang Hongfeng encouraged everyone and led the players on foot.

  After arriving at the scene, he ignored the icy muddy water, rolled up his trouser legs and jumped into the drain first, holding the shovel handle with his right hand, and the head of the shovel with his broken arm, and worked hard to clean.

After nearly two hours of fighting, the canal was smoothly dredged.

  On the evening of July 9, 2018, there was heavy rain in Qin'an County. Zhang Hongfeng, who was checking the disaster situation in Wangpu Town, suddenly received a call from the county that a landslide occurred in a certain area in the county town.

  Zhang Hongfeng immediately ordered the driver to turn the front of the car and gallop towards the place where the incident occurred. The off-road vehicle became a mobile command post. He called four nearby armed ministers of towns and villages and asked for a militia to be assembled quickly.

After arriving at the scene, Zhang Hongfeng immediately commanded the militia to evacuate the masses. After an hour of intense fighting, there were 8 other people trapped in the adobe houses on the half-hill slope. The earth and rocks continued to fall, and the lives of the trapped people were hanging by a thread.

  After a comprehensive survey of the danger, Zhang Hongfeng commanded the militia to carry out 3 consecutive rescue operations without success.

"Take the ladder and climb up!" In desperation, Zhang Hongfeng squeezed one side of the ladder with his right hand, his incomplete left arm buckled the other end of the ladder tightly, and took the lead to climb up the slope. At this time, he was rustled away by the soft soil of the mountain by the rain. fall.

Together with the militia, he evacuated all the trapped people to a safe area.

  "The interests of the masses are as heavy as a thousand catties." Zhang Hongfeng has always been full of affection for the people, anxious for the people's urgency, thinking about the people's thoughts, and solving their problems.

  Late at night on November 26, 2019, a chemical plant in the upper reaches of the Qingshui River used the night to discharge sewage into the river. The sewage was flowing from the Qingshui River to the lower Gourd River. The drinking water safety of nearly 200,000 people in Qin'an County was seriously threatened.

  After learning of the situation, Zhang Hongfeng immediately notified the 3 nearby towns and villages to gather 62 basic militiamen, bring 20 machines and protective equipment, to intercept and divert the polluted water source.

  After a night of fighting, they built a dam with a width of 10 meters, a length of 50 meters, and a height of 2 meters at a distance of 5 kilometers upstream from the water station. The contaminated water was successfully diverted to the tributary of the Hulu River, ensuring the safety of drinking water for the people. .

The masses are nothing trivial, and they lift the interests of the people above their heads.

  In early July this year, Zhang Hongfeng, who had been promoted to deputy commander of the Zhangye Army Division, and Lu Yantao, Chief of the Military Division of the People’s Armed Forces Department of Qin’an County, specially came to the home of Li Xiaohua, a villager in Shishan Village, Wangpu Town, and brought a new pair of crutches and a pain-treating plaster. .

Li Xiaohua suffers from internal rheumatism and her feet are inconvenient to move. Zhang Hongfeng visits her every time she goes to Shishan Village to encourage her to live a strong life and bring him medicine.

Li Xiaohua said that political commissar Zhang has a physical disability, and he understands my illness better, and his encouragement is more cordial, allowing me to build confidence in life.

  There are many such things. The martyr Guo Xu’s father suffers from rheumatism in his legs, and every time he goes to the countryside, he will be given pain reliever ointment. On the mountain road, if he encounters people walking in the same direction, he will stop and take a ride. ...

  In July 2018, when Zhang Hongfeng was assisting in the village in Xiazhai Village, he found that the students in the village rush to school every day before dawn. The mountain roads along the way are rugged and the children often wrestle because they can't see clearly, and they even endanger their lives.

Zhang Hongfeng discussed with Minister He Kaixu and decided to use funds from the family fund to install 20 street lights on the mountain road leading to the school to illuminate the children's way to school.

  In July 2019, Zhou Xuan, Wangpu Village, Wangpu Town, was admitted to Longdong College. Due to family difficulties, she could not afford the tuition fees, so she gave up the idea of ​​going to school and planned to go out to work.

Zhang Hongfeng knows well that for many poor families, only when their children receive education can they hope to get rid of poverty and become rich.

He immediately decided to form a helping pair with this classmate and grant 3,000 yuan in subsidies every year.

In order to prevent more children from dropping out of school due to poverty, for more than 10 years, he has subsidized 9 poor students and coordinated 805,800 yuan to issue scholarships to 214 poor college students.

  Zhang Hongfeng is generous to the people, but simple and harsh to his own life.

His left arm was amputated, blood circulation is not smooth, and itchy and uncomfortable like an ant bite in cold weather, but he often relieves it with sheepskin warm sleeves sewn by his mother, and has never delayed his work.

According to Zhang Yejun's district leader, although Zhang Hongfeng has a special physical disability, he never regards himself as a "special person", and some have special feelings for the masses.