The alarm came in at 7pm on Sunday.

A helicopter pilot who flew over the site estimates that the fire at the site is 100 times 100 meters, according to SOS Alarm.

The rescue service from Lit, Hammerdal and Östersund has rushed to the scene, according to the newspaper.

- Right now it is an uncontrolled forest fire, said Ulf Jernström, internal commander of the rescue service, at 20 o'clock to P4 Jämtland.

A helicopter is on site and water bombs to try to slow down the course of the fire, according to ÖP.

SMHI has issued a warning for forest fires in those parts of Jämtland County that do not include the mountains.

Such warnings have also been issued in the inland and coastal areas of Västerbotten County and in the coastal areas of Norrbotten County.