01 August 2021 Dramatic scenes in Pescara for a fire that is devastating the southern area of ​​the city.

The flames have reached the houses.

There are the first injured.

An advanced medical post is being set up in the area and the protocol for maxi emergencies has been activated.

Firefighters, in action with helicopters, struggle to manage all fronts of the fire.

Escape from the beaches: the sparks pushed by the wind have set the palms of the bathing establishments on fire. 

Burns Pineta Dannunziana

The Dannunziana Reserve of Pescara is burning and in the southern area of ​​the city there are dozens and dozens of men from all the police forces. "We have had to evacuate several homes and even bathhouses because of the smoke and lapilli. We are working with all available men. The main opponent is the hot wind. With the fire brigade helicopter we are trying to limit the damage" . These are the words to ANSA of the mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci who is coordinating the extinguishing operations of the vast fire.