Chinanews, August 1, integrated foreign media reports that on July 30, local time, there were 194,608 new confirmed cases of new crown in the United States, the highest value since the January winter peak in the country.

  As the highly infectious delta strain continues to spread, the number of hospitalizations in the United States is also increasing.

The country’s health experts and officials predict that this surge will worsen as long as most areas remain unvaccinated.

On July 30, local time, citizens of New York State, the United States, wore masks while shopping in a supermarket on Long Island.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

Florida surges over 20,000 cases into a new hot spot

New York State intends to issue new regulations for masks

  The data shows that Florida added 21,683 new cases that day, which is the highest number of new cases in a single day in the state since the beginning of the epidemic.

At present, Florida has become a new epidemic hotspot in the United States, with cases accounting for about one-fifth of all new cases in the United States.

  In addition, state officials also announced on July 30 local time that the number of hospitalizations in Florida is close to the 2020 peak.

  AdventHealth, one of the state's largest healthcare systems, said it will no longer perform non-emergency operations to free up resources to care for patients with COVID-19.

  In New York State, the epidemic situation is not optimistic.

The state’s Governor Cuomo’s office issued a statement on July 31, local time, stating that about 3,050 people in the state tested positive for the virus on July 30, which is the highest single-day total since May 7. More than half of the cases are in New York City.

  In response to the current epidemic situation, New York Mayor Bai Sihao is expected to announce the new mask regulations on August 2 local time.

Data map: Pfizer vaccine.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

Delta rages with low vaccination rates

Experts warn: the situation will get worse

  At present, the Delta strain is spreading rapidly in the United States. The internal documents of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that the strain is more infectious than influenza, the common cold and even smallpox.

In addition, this strain may also cause more serious diseases.

  At the same time, although vaccination in the United States continues to advance, the vaccination rate in southern states generally lags behind other regions.

  Hottz, co-director of the Vaccine Development Center at Texas Children’s Hospital, said on July 30 local time, “Although the current situation in the South is very bad, for many people who have not been vaccinated, the situation will get worse.”

  The Georgia Department of Health also stated, "Unfortunately, we expect the number of new coronaviruses to continue to grow. People who have not been vaccinated or have not received the second dose of vaccine are the targets of infection."

  According to CDC data, as of now, more than 164 million people in the United States have completed the vaccination, and the vaccination rate is 49.5%.