[Explanation] August 1st is the "August 1st" Army Day.

In the early morning of the same day, more than 300 officers and soldiers of a certain rescue team of the Rocket Army were still carrying out tasks such as dredging and decontamination on the front line of Henan's flood fighting. They spent a different holiday in this special way.

  [Simultaneous on-site] Don’t leave any gaps, (the people behind) push slowly, faster at the front and slow at the back.

  [Explanation] At midnight, the officers and soldiers of a certain rescue team of the Rocket Army, under the command of the instructor, were in groups of 20, divided into two groups, carrying out a surprise dredging operation at the Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital in Fuwai, Zhengzhou.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Xuanyi, commander of a certain Rocket Army battalion

  We mainly adopt the method of grouping operations and division of labor, responsible for personnel rotation, and organize the dredging operation of the negative two-story garage. Through the operation, the entire operation progress can be accelerated, and the hospital can quickly resume work and production.

  [Explanation] Affected by the flood, the second floor of the courtyard is cold and humid, and there is no lighting facilities. The officers and soldiers only rely on headlights to carry out their operations. Since the stagnant water has not been completely drained and the ground area is large, they race against time---using cars The lights were illuminated, and the officers and soldiers pushed forward one meter by one meter. The rain boots and the clothes were wet. The soldiers ignored them.

  [Concurrent] Yang Weiqiang, squad leader of a certain Rocket Army

  Due to the limited conditions, we brought all the tools that we can use with the pots, pans and spoons around us. The purpose is to clean up the accumulated water and silt as soon as possible, thoroughly eliminate them, and resolutely fight the final battle of the hospital reconstruction work.

  [Explanation] After several hours of work, the officers and soldiers have reached their limit, but they did not flinch, and none of them stopped.

The backbone of the party members rushed into the small rooms to clean up the garbage and sewage until the sewage and silt were cleaned up.

  [Concurrent] Lei Zhiheng, a squad leader of the Rocket Army

  Although we are not at the missile launch site (top), we are clearing the silt for the hospital on the front line of the flood fight, and doing our due diligence. I feel very meaningful to spend August 1st here.

  [Concurrent] Only Xiaochen, a squad leader of the Rocket Army

  Today is the August 1st Army Day, our holiday. Although we are not on the training ground this day, we stick to the frontline of the flood fighting in the hospital. Whether on the battlefield or on the front line of the flood fighting, we can win the battle and complete it better. Task.

  [Explanation] A few days ago, many places in Henan suffered continuous heavy rainfall and were hit by floods.

A rescue team of a certain Rocket Army has been in various places in Zhengzhou for more than 10 consecutive days, transporting more than 500 orphanage children, transporting 4,000 boxes of relief supplies; relocating more than 2,700 patients and medical staff from Fuwai Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital, and clearing more than 300 garbage Tons, cleaned and decontaminated 9 buildings including the outpatient building, inpatient department, and dormitory building of the hospital, installed 4 mobile generator sets, deployed 4 large water trucks, and distributed 100 wireless communication phones to the outpatient building. It solved the problem of water, electricity, and telephone in the first time, which bought time for the hospital's follow-up visits.

  [Concurrent] Guo Si, Deputy Director of the Medical Department of Huazhong Cardiovascular Hospital, Fuwai

  We are scheduled to return to work and clinics on August 2. At first, we felt a little helpless. With the full cooperation and assistance of our Rocket Army and the people’s soldiers of other units, as well as the armed police officers and soldiers, we saw hope.

In this disaster, our losses can be (say) huge, but with our people’s soldiers as a strong backing, I believe that we must be a medical unit and be able to better serve our people.

  [Explanation] At 5 o'clock in the morning of the same day, a rescue team of the Rocket Army successfully completed the dredging mission of the hospital. After returning, they could not take a rest. Everyone packed their bags and quietly loaded their vehicles and evacuated back to the construction site.

  [Concurrent] Ma Ruijie, squad leader of a rescue team of the Rocket Army

  We worked until three o'clock. In order not to disturb the people and delay the reconstruction of the hospital, we left quietly at five o'clock.

  Li Chaoqing, Guo Yanbo, Chen Shifeng reports from Henan

Editor in charge: [Fang Jialiang]