Street CCTV captured the shocking scene of a pedestrian suddenly being engulfed in huge flames in the middle of New York City.

On the 28th local time, foreign media such as ABC, USA reported that 57-year-old Barry West was the victim of an unexpected explosion while walking on the sidewalk in Queens, New York on the 22nd.

At the time, the video captured West walking slowly on the sidewalk, with flames rising in an instant.

West collapsed on top of a pit of fire from the impact of the explosion.

But Mr. West immediately came to his senses, crawled on the floor and managed to get out of the fire.

West suffered second-degree burns, including peeling of skin all over his body, and was immediately taken to the hospital.

At the time, Mr. West was reported to have been in an accident while walking near the iron grate that blocked the sewer under the sidewalk.

An unexplained explosion occurred under the sidewalk, and flames soared to the ground through the iron grate.

A nearby store owner who first witnessed the explosion and called the ambulance explained, "The noise was so great that it looked like a bomb had exploded. Even though I was indoors, the heat was enough to hit my face."

Nearby residents claimed that there was a similar explosion on the 21st the day before, and that "if it was properly inspected at this time, it could have sufficiently prevented human injury."

Consolidated Edison, an energy company that supplies New York's electricity and gas energy, actually received a report of an explosion on the 21st and sent an employee to the scene of the accident, but it was understood that the tragedy that happened to West could not be prevented within just one day. That's it.

Consolidated Edison said, "We are conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident that caused serious injuries to citizens."

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(Photo='NBC New York' YouTube)