, July 31, comprehensive report, Haitian police filed the latest accusation against former Supreme Court Judge Trout on the 30th, claiming that she was related to the assassination of Haitian President Moise and the Colombian servant accused of murdering Moise. The soldiers met.

The Haitian police have issued an arrest warrant and a reward for Trout.

Data map: Forensic investigators took away a bag of cartridge cases collected from the Haiti presidential residence.

  According to reports, in early February, Trout and the other two judges were dismissed by Moiz.

At present, Trout's whereabouts are unknown.

  According to the Haitian police spokesperson and inspector general Villier, the Colombian mercenaries and Haitian Americans who were arrested after Moiz’s assassination said they had met Trout.

Villiers said: “Many of them indicated that they had visited Trout’s home twice, and these people also provided details of the documents signed during the meeting at her home.” Villiers said that the police raided Trout’s house. Main residence and other suburban residences.

  At present, doubts still loom over the case, including the mastermind behind the assassination and how the criminals entered the presidential residence.

Haitian officials pointed the finger at an action group dominated by Colombian mercenaries. Three of them have been killed by the police.

The head of the Moiz security team was also arrested for involvement in the case.

  In addition, Moise’s widow, Martina, was interviewed by the New York Times a few days ago. She stated that the gangsters found what they wanted in Moise’s mansion and hurriedly checked whether she was alive before leaving.

  Martina said that she didn't know what the gangster took, but the item was taken from the shelf where Moise placed the documents.

She also revealed that she is seriously considering participating in the presidential election once recovered.