Deeply tap the potential of traditional medicine cooperation to create a "healthy silk road"

  The "2021 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Traditional Medicine Forum" co-sponsored by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Good-Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation Committee, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province was held on July 29 in Nanchang, Jiangxi.

The theme of this forum is "Inheritance, Innovation, Mutual Learning, and Sharing". About 500 domestic and foreign guests participated in the online and offline formats, focusing on the traditional medicine anti-epidemic experience, human health, public health, and the development of the traditional medicine industry. In-depth exchanges of topics were carried out, and a broad consensus was reached on strengthening traditional medical exchanges and cooperation within the framework of the SCO and building a community of human health and health.

During the forum, the "Nanchang Initiative on the Development of Traditional Medicine Cooperation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization" was also released.

"Traditional Chinese medicine treatment has truly shown its effectiveness"

  According to Yu Wenming, director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China, Chinese medicine has spread to 196 countries and regions in the world. China has signed cooperation agreements on traditional Chinese medicine with more than 40 foreign governments, regional authorities and international organizations.

Through special projects for international cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, support countries along the “Belt and Road” to build 30 high-quality Chinese medicine overseas centers, especially in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other SCO countries to establish a number of traditional medicine centers And the Chinese Medicine Center.

Traditional Chinese medicine has become an important carrier for China's health, economic and trade cooperation with other countries in the world to promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations.

  Belarusian First Deputy Prime Minister Snopkov said that as a fusion of experience and innovation, traditional Chinese medicine is attracting more and more countries and people’s attention. The application of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of various diseases has shown its effectiveness in Belarus. .

The traditional Chinese medicine aided by China has shown unique effects in the prevention and treatment of the new crown virus in Belarus. Thousands of families have personally experienced the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of new crown pneumonia.

He said: "We will further use Chinese medicine in clinical practice. I believe that Chinese medicine will make a great contribution to protecting the health of the people of Belarus and fighting the epidemic."

Inject impetus into building a human health community

  Shen Yueyue, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the SCO Good-Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation Committee, pointed out that at the beginning of the establishment of the SCO, it took the promotion of the health and well-being of people of all countries as its own important mission.

In the fight against the epidemic, the SCO countries have promoted traditional medicine on the front line of anti-epidemic, actively involved in epidemic prevention and control and clinical treatment, which played an important role in protecting the lives and health of people in various countries and demonstrated the unique advantages of traditional medicine.

At the same time, all parties pay more attention to cooperation in the field of traditional medicine. Through various forms such as holding academic conferences, conducting telemedicine, and implementing online training, they have made important contributions to supporting the anti-epidemic work of various countries, and injected new ideas into the construction of the SCO health community. power.

  Susanna Jacobs, Deputy Director-General of the World Health Organization, said that the World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of international solidarity and cooperation. Only by establishing close cooperation can we make the world safer and achieve development goals.

Traditional medicine is very important, but it is also a resource that is often overlooked by people. Its application can be very wide, and its value should be fully utilized.

The WHO is also implementing the "World Health Organization Global Strategy for Traditional Medicine (2014-2023)", committed to incorporating traditional medicine into the basic medical system, compiling the World Herbal Medicine Code, and supporting member states to respond to the epidemic through the development of traditional medicine.

The goals of this forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization coincide with the WHO's traditional medicine strategy.

It is hoped that through this forum, a comprehensive coordination mechanism will be established, a comprehensive information sharing and cooperation promotion platform will be established, so that countries can strengthen cooperation in the field of traditional medicine under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, so as to further protect the well-being of the people and promote sustainable development.

Deepen international exchanges in traditional medicine

  Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to Pakistan’s National Health Affairs, said that in the past few decades, Pakistan has recorded and archived medicinal plants, and has also established a reference sample database and related legal frameworks to better To manage traditional medicine.

Pakistan looks forward to cooperating with China in traditional medicine and establishing joint ventures to conduct clinical research so that all people can enjoy convenient medical care.

  Russian Children’s Fund Likhanov pointed out that Russia has a great demand for Chinese medicine. The Russian Children’s Fund has been cooperating with Chinese doctors within the framework of the “Panda International Project” in 2015 to provide Russian children with cerebral palsy access to Chinese medicine. Help from the Chinese medical team and went to China to receive good rehabilitation treatment.

He proposed to establish a working group between traditional medicine departments within the framework of the SCO to promote cooperation in traditional medicine between Russia and China.

  The Afghan ambassador to China Javid Kaim said that Afghanistan has high-quality organic herbal medicines and uses them in its own traditional medicine practice. These herbal medicines are also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Therefore, Afghanistan and China have a huge space for cooperation in the field of Chinese medicine. Both sides can not only learn from each other's traditional medicine and conduct more related researches, but also strengthen talent training and introduce Afghan herbal medicine into China.

According to Qaim, Afghanistan sent 10 students to China to study Chinese medicine through a scholarship program last year. After obtaining a degree in the field of Chinese medicine in China, they can return to China to better study the existing herbal medicines in Afghanistan, and they can also teach Chinese medicine in Afghanistan. The practice of better development.

In a few years, these students will become an important bridge for cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.

  Before the opening of the forum, some guests also visited the China (Nanchang) Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology City, and used modern technology to quickly analyze the composition and structure of traditional Chinese medicines by the Ganjiang Chinese Medicine Innovation Center, and study the target and synergy mechanism of the traditional Chinese medicine scientific device Showed a strong interest.

Kaim said that China has combined cutting-edge science and technology with traditional Chinese medicine, separated the beneficial ingredients in Chinese medicine and further researched it, which has completely changed people's views on traditional medicine.

(Our newspaper Nanchang, July 31st, our newspaper reporter Yang Yifu, correspondent Wang Yuran)