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@海外的你, have you been vaccinated?

  Epidemics are repeated, and vaccination has become the most important part of the current epidemic prevention measures.

  Recently, many countries and regions have introduced the latest policies on vaccination, as well as related convenience measures provided after vaccination. If you are overseas, you plan to get the vaccine, or have already been vaccinated, go ahead and read it!

New vaccination policy

  Thailand: vaccinate foreigners against the new crown pneumonia

  According to Thai media, in addition to vaccinating services for Thai people, the Vaccination Center at Central Station in Thailand also provides vaccinations for foreigners in Thailand.

  It is reported that foreigners over the age of 75 do not need to register in advance and can be vaccinated directly or in the form of Walk-in. Foreigners over the age of 60 must pre-register through the system of the Consular Office and will receive a text message. Or email to notify the date and time of the vaccination appointment.

  Bahrain: Chinese citizens with short-term visas can be vaccinated

  According to news from the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain, the embassy has recently sought Pakistan’s agreement to vaccinate Chinese citizens holding short-term visas in Pakistan with the Chinese National Medicine Covid-19 vaccine.

  Chinese citizens over 18 years of age holding a short-term visa in Bahrain, if they wish to receive the new crown vaccine, please scan the QR code below via WeChat before 24:00 on August 3, fill in and submit the "Vaccination Registration for Chinese Citizens Holding Short-term Visa in Bahrain" Form” (this form can only be submitted once and cannot be modified after submission).

  The embassy summarizes the above information and sends it to Pakistan, who will contact them by telephone to arrange vaccination.

  It should be noted that the above arrangement is only for Chinese citizens in Pakistan holding short-term visas.

Chinese citizens with CPR and residence permit can still apply for vaccination by themselves through the "BeAwareBahrain" App or website.

  Greece: Plan to vaccinate people between 12 and 15 years old

  According to news from Xinhuanet, the Greek Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias said on July 26 local time that Greece this week started the new crown vaccination process for people aged 12 to 15 years.

  Quiquilias said at a press conference that the vaccination appointment is scheduled to start on the 30th.

Parents can go to citizen service centers, pharmacies or log on to relevant websites to make an appointment for their children, and then accompany their children to the vaccination point for vaccination.

  Czech Republic: Some vaccination centers do not need to register for appointment

  According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, a few days ago, according to the latest information released by the Czech Ministry of Health, there are currently the following vaccination centers that do not need to register for an appointment and can go directly to the vaccination center:

  1. Prague: Westfield Chodov, Monday to Friday 10:00-20:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-19:00, Tel: +420 722980500; Hlavnínádraží, Monday to Sunday 7:00-19:00 , Tel: +420 734397747; OC Novy Smíchov, Monday to Sunday 9:00-20:00, Tel: +420 224432333, 224432336.

  2. Brno: nákupnícentrum Olympia, Monday to Sunday 10:00-20:00, contact number: +420 543185555.

  3. Ostrafa: nákupnícentrum Forum Nová Karolina, Monday to Sunday 8:00-19:00, contact number: +420 704682540.

  If you want to inquire about the latest Czech COVID-19 vaccination policy, please follow the website of the Czech Ministry of Health.

  New Zealand: Launching the new crown pneumonia vaccination appointment hotline

  According to New Zealand, the New Zealand Ministry of Health launched the new crown pneumonia vaccination health hotline on July 23, local time, and will allow the third group of people who have not received the vaccination invitation to make appointments.

  Group 3 includes New Zealanders 65 years of age and older, as well as those who may be seriously ill due to the epidemic.

Groups 1 and 2 include border and MIQ (Control, Isolation and Quarantine Facilities) workers, people living with them, high-risk frontline workers, and people living in high-risk areas.

  Russia’s Harlem Region: Provide paid vaccination services to foreign citizens

  According to the Russian satellite network, foreign citizens can pay for the new crown pneumonia vaccine in the Sakhalin region of Russia.

  According to reports, there are 19,000 foreign citizens who need to be vaccinated in Sakhalin Region and they will pay for the vaccination.

The exact cost of medical services is now being calculated. Taking Moscow as an example, the cost of vaccination is about 1,300 rubles.

  New York, USA: All staff of municipal agencies must be vaccinated

  According to the US "World Journal" report, on July 26, local time, the Mayor of New York City Desire announced that the staff of all municipal agencies in New York City should be vaccinated against the new crown virus before September 13, otherwise they must be tested for the new crown virus every week. jobs.

  New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan on the same day. The state government provided 15 million US dollars to promote vaccination in 117 zip codes in the state.

Cuomo said that the funds will be invested in community vaccination work through six private institutions, including the Hispanic Foundation, the New York Immigration League, and the Wang Jialian Community Medical Center.

  Burgundy, Argentina: Open vaccination appointments for people over 18 years of age

  According to the Argentine Chinese Net, the Mayor of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lareta, announced that starting from July 21, Buenos Aires will open new crown pneumonia vaccination appointments for people over 18 years of age.

  In addition, the Burundi Municipal Government also announced the vaccines used by 32 vaccination centers in the next 3 days. Those who plan to receive vaccines can check online in advance.

Convenience measures after vaccination

  Canada: Allow entry of foreign travelers who have completed vaccinations

  The Canadian government announced on the 19th that it will gradually allow foreign travelers who have completed vaccination with the new crown vaccine approved by Canada to enter the country without isolation.

  According to information released by the Canadian government, U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the United States who have completed vaccination with any of the approved vaccines in Canada will start from August 9, and residents of other countries who have completed vaccination with approved vaccines will be allowed to enter Canada from September 7. And there is no need to isolate for 14 days.

The new crown vaccines approved for use in Canada are Pfizer, Modena, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

  Japan: Start accepting applications for "vaccine passport"

  On July 26, local time, municipalities across Japan began accepting applications for the "vaccine passport". The "vaccine passport" is the official Japanese certificate showing the history of people's new crown vaccination.

  If the "vaccine passport" is presented during the entry inspection of the country where the certificate can be used, the public can enjoy preferential measures such as exemption from isolation or PCR testing.

  The Japanese government stated that the "vaccine passport" is currently only used by people overseas.

  As of July 21, the "vaccine passport" can be used in 5 countries, namely Italy, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland.

In addition, the Japanese "vaccine passport" is recognized in South Korea as one of the materials required for exemption from isolation.

  Argentina: the launch of the "health passport"

  Starting on July 26, local time, Argentina’s Buenos Aires began to adopt a "health passport", allowing authorized merchants to increase their passenger capacity by 20% to accommodate people who had received at least one dose of the new crown pneumonia vaccine 21 days ago.

  This measure is similar to the health passes of France and Italy, although it will be less restrictive, but it will not exclude those who have not been vaccinated.

At the same time, the measure will expand the passenger capacity of restaurants, bars, shopping malls and other closed commercial venues.

  Manila, Philippines: citizens can download vaccination certificates online

  People vaccinated in Manila, Philippines can now get their vaccination certificate on the city’s Covax website.

  Manila Mayor Moreno said that the vaccination certificate was available for download on the relevant website on July 26.

  After logging in, users only need to click on the "Menu" tab, and then click on "My Certificates".

  Xiao Qiao reminds that overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese should pay attention to the vaccination policies of their countries and regions, and get vaccinated in time to prevent the new crown virus!

  Have you been vaccinated?

  Please leave a message and tell Xiaoqiao!

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