Tokyo (AFP)

The French handball players signed a crushing success on Friday against Spain (37-31), already qualified like them for the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Games, at the Yoyogi stadium.

Unless a rout against Norway in their last match on Sunday, the first place in the group extends its arms to the Blues who have so far achieved a faultless, with four wins.

Faced with undefeated Spaniards until then, Guillaume Gille's men have shown themselves to be very solid.

In a great day, Nedim Remili seemed unstoppable (9 goals, 90% success) and Vincent Gérard released the necessary saves.

Eleven in total, including one in the final second of the first period to join the locker room with six goals ahead at the break (18-12).

Unlike the previous match against Germany, led by a time of six lengths, this time they have not loosened the grip against the double Spanish European champions (2018 and 2020).

Nikola Karabatic's gang has watered from a distance (7 shots from nine meters) Spain, contender for the gold medal behind the huge Danish favorites, double reigning world champions.

Guillaume Gille's men have shown in this Olympic tournament that they should be reckoned with.

They come back from afar: from a hasty exit in the first round of Euro-2020 having cost his place to the former coach Didier Dinart.

The Egyptian World Cup in January had shown the best but they had been quite clearly dominated against these same Spaniards in the small final (35-29).

The first place in the group would offer them the guarantee of not crossing Denmark in the quarterfinals, or even before a possible final if the double world champions continue their cardboard in the other group.

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