After coming to Japan as a representative of Myanmar for soccer and showing his intention to protest against the military, a player applying for refugee status in Japan joined a J-League club in Yokohama as a trainee and practiced for the first time on the 30th. I faced.

Pyae Lyan Aung came to Japan as the goalkeeper of the Myanmar national team in May for the second qualifying round of the World Cup in soccer, but he intends to protest against the army that continues to crack down on citizens in his home country. After showing, he stays in Japan and applies for refugee status because he may be persecuted if he returns to Japan.

Then, after receiving an offer from YSCC Yokohama of J3 based in Yokohama City, who learned about the players in the press, it was decided to join the club as a trainee.

Pyae Lyan Aung, who participated in the first practice on the 30th, greeted his teammates through an interpreter, sweated for about an hour during catching practice, and smiled while receiving guidance from the coach. There was also a scene to show.

According to the club, in the future, while aiming to register as a player in the J League, he will also participate in the practice of the futsal team.

Pyae Lyan Aung said, "I am grateful for the opportunity to continue playing soccer. I want to do my best."

Meanwhile, earlier this week, he mentioned that a young man who participated in a protest against the military was reportedly killed in a shooting by security officials in his hometown of Mandalay. I feel sore and sad. I want you to be peaceful as soon as possible. "