At three of the eight facilities that Norrskensbär operates, berry pickers are infected with covid-19.

The worst affected is Tväråsel in Älvsbyn.

There, 73 out of 76 people tested positive.

The remaining three people will receive their test results on Monday.

At the carrier's other facilities (they have one in Jämtland and one in Västerbotten, please note), only a few people have been infected.

"We were prepared with quarantine rooms"

Together with the infection control in Norrbotten, the carrier company has transformed the entire facility in Tväråsel into its own "covid facility".

Were you prepared for this?

- We were prepared with quarantine rooms at all facilities, but not prepared for such large outbreaks, says Catarina Lundberg, business manager at Norrskensbär.

How did you think about inviting people from other countries to come and work in Sweden?

- We thought that there were not so many infected in Sweden and the berry pickers were covid-tested before they left.

Everyone got negative results but then they only have time to land in Sweden and then it only took a few days before everyone was sick.

The place they came from had just had a big outbreak.

We believe they had brought the infection from Thailand.

Have they been in contact with others besides each other?

- No, the facilities are isolated units, says Catarina Lundberg, business manager at Norrskensbär.

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Photo: SVT, Viktor Lundmark / SVT