China News Service, Nanning, July 30th (Reporter Jiang Xuelin) Lan Lanli, chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, stated in Nanning on the 29th that Guangxi will give full play to its unique location advantages of "one bay for eleven countries, and benign interaction between east, middle and west" to speed up construction Platforms such as the Western Land-Sea New Corridor and the China (Guangxi) Free Trade Pilot Zone will seize major opportunities such as the signing of the RCEP agreement to deepen cooperation in the fields of digital economy, smart manufacturing, electronic information, bio-energy, large health industries, and modern characteristic agriculture. Create an industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain with strong driving force and wide radiation, and promote the integrated development of Guangxi and Taiwan industries.

  The 2021 Cross-Strait Relations Seminar hosted by the Research Center for Cross-Strait Relations and undertaken by the Guangxi Guangxi-Taiwan Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange Association opened in Nanning, Guangxi on the 29th.

Lan Lanli made the above remarks in his speech at the opening ceremony.

  Lan Lanli stated that Guangxi will further enrich the cultural exchanges and cooperation between Guangxi and Taiwan, and tie the bonds of national sentiment.

Through the organization of various ethnic groups in Guangxi and Taiwan to celebrate the "March 3 of the Zhuang Nationality", Hualien Harvest Festival and other ethnic folk culture, Hakka culture, campus culture visits and exchanges, we continue to build a foundation for non-governmental exchanges between Guangxi and Taiwan, and jointly maintain, inherit and promote Chinese culture. Deepen the national cultural identity and the sense of community of the Chinese nation that are connected by the cross-strait context.

  Lantian Li stated that Guangxi will further implement the Shijiazhuang policy and build a bridge that fits people's hearts.

Continue to carry out in-depth activities such as "Relief from Hundreds of Taiwanese Enterprises", "Hundreds of Taiwanese Youth Experience in Bagui", and "Hundreds of Lu Pei Returning to Their Parents", focusing on Taiwanese businessmen in Guangxi, Taiwanese teachers, Taiwan Youth and Lu Pei, and in-depth implementation of peace of mind and satisfaction , Confidence, and heart-warming service to Taiwan compatriots "Four Heart Project", so that Taiwan compatriots in Guangxi have more sense of acquisition and recognition.

  In recent years, Guangxi, as one of the leading provinces for economic, trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the Mainland and Taiwan, has become increasingly close to Taiwan.

Economic and trade cooperation continues to expand.

A number of well-known Taiwanese companies such as TPV, Uni-President, Want Want, etc. are growing up in Guangxi.

Up to now, the region has approved a total of 1,909 investments by Taiwanese businessmen above designated size, with a total of more than 7 billion US dollars actually invested. Taiwanese capital has been one of the main sources of overseas funds for Guangxi for many years.