US President Joe Biden has presented new measures in the fight against vaccination fatigue in the US - including a payment of 100 dollars to each newly vaccinated.

The experts assumed that the number of coronavirus cases would continue to increase, Biden said on Thursday.

More people would need to be vaccinated and the CDC rules for masks followed.

The President's Office had previously published new guidelines for the approximately 2.2 million civilian employees and 3.7 million contract employees of the federal government.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense should examine when the compulsory vaccination for soldiers will be introduced.

The federal government has a duty to ensure the health of its employees, said government spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre.

Unvaccinated federal employees must wear masks

The delta variant of the corona virus is spreading in the USA. At the same time, many US citizens do not get vaccinated. Because of the strongly federal structure of the USA, the federal government in Washington has only limited possibilities to make binding guidelines. However, as the largest employer in the country, it can intervene in the hope of setting an example for the private sector. According to the new guidelines, all federal employees should first report their vaccination status. Unvaccinated people would then have to wear masks, keep their distance, undergo regular tests and only be allowed to make limited business trips.

"We need to wear a mask to protect each other and stop the virus from spreading rapidly while we work to get more people vaccinated," said Biden.

According to plans published in advance, schools are to be called upon to set up mobile vaccination stations - so-called "pop-up" clinics - in order to increase the number of vaccinations for those over twelve.

The $ 100 to each newly vaccinated is to be paid out by the states and municipalities.

You should use the remaining funds from the stimulus package from March, said the US Treasury Department.

This should be "an extra incentive to increase the vaccination rate, protect our communities and save lives," it said.

The ministry is therefore ready to support the local governments in the implementation.

The stimulus package included US $ 350 billion in aid for states, counties and municipalities, which are often not yet fully called up or planned.

However, many states and municipalities have already offered numerous incentives to increase the vaccination rate, including millions in profits, bonds or a reward for all vaccinated.

In the United States, only 49 percent of the population of around 330 million people have been fully vaccinated to date.

Most recently, the number of daily new corona infections rose again to around 60,000 on average.