• The Head of State suggested, on July 12, that the question of compulsory vaccination for all French people could be asked in the event of an epidemic rebound.

  • For the moment, the government favors “the encouragement” of vaccination and the implementation of the health pass.

  • Some members of the majority are already defending this measure, also supported by some elected members of the opposition.

Towards the compulsory vaccine for all?

Jean Castex again defended vaccination in order to fight against the coronavirus during a trip to Agen on Thursday.

He took the opportunity to tackle the antivax, on the eve of new demonstrations against the health pass.

"Pasteur is already very annoyed, no doubt, by those who consider that vaccination is a danger, he must turn in his grave", launched the Prime Minister in reference to the father of vaccination.

So far, the government has preferred to focus on "the incentive" for the general public, favoring the extension of the health pass.

But the track of compulsory vaccination for all French people is defended by some elected members of the majority.

"If the pedagogy does not win, we will have to consider the vaccination obligation"

At the end of last year, Emmanuel Macron had yet swept the idea. But during his speech on July 12, the Head of State indicated that it was no longer totally excluded. "Depending on the evolution of the situation, we will undoubtedly have to ask ourselves the question of compulsory vaccination for all French people", indicated the President of the Republic. Faced with the spread of the Delta variant in the territory and the threat of a new wave in hospitals, some macronists believe it is time to consider it. Like François Jolivet.

“The health pass was undoubtedly a necessary educational step.

But those who die from the Delta variant are not vaccinated, in all age groups.

If tomorrow, we have to reconfigure or deprogram operations at the hospital because of the unvaccinated, it will be a failure.

If the pedagogy does not prevail, the collective interest must prevail and we will have to consider the vaccination obligation ”, thus defends the deputy La République en Marche de l'Indre.

“We already have 11 compulsory vaccines in France, it seems simpler to me than to enforce a complicated text, abounds Bruno Bonnel, LREM deputy of the Rhône.

It would also make it possible to break this health divide that we feel is rising in the country, and the generalized suspicion linked to the control of the health pass ”.

A vaccination obligation acclaimed by a majority of French people

This hypothesis, defended by François Bayrou, the president of the MoDem, would not however escape the difficulties of application and control either. “Compulsory vaccination is not synonymous with 'everyone gets vaccinated'. This does not respond to the current crisis, does not resolve the question of opponents ... Before satisfactory vaccination coverage, we must find solutions to continue living, hence the health pass, even if I did not vote for it cheerfulness of heart ”, confides the Modem deputy of Finistère, Erwan Balanant. For his part, Bruno Bonnell is considering ways to meet these challenges. “We see that large American companies like Google or Facebook force their office workers to be vaccinated. I think it will become customary in France as well.Why not imagine a right of control within companies? “Asks the former entrepreneur. The debate over mandatory vaccination has stirred the American political class in recent days, as President Joe Biden leads the way hard on unvaccinated federal government officials.

In France, the vaccine obligation has been demanded for several weeks by socialist parliamentarians and receives the support of some right-wing elected officials.

Considered by the High Authority for Health, it is also pleaded by 58% of French people, according to an Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for Franceinfo and

Le Figaro

published on July 1.

The debate could soon agitate Parliament again in the event of the persistence of Covid-19, recognizes Erwan Balanant: “The best would be to win the support of the French.

But if the situation were to last, and knowing that we have an effective tool against the virus, the question will then be asked ”.


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