China News Service, July 29. According to a Russian satellite network report on the 28th, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the United States has always had agents operating in Russia, and Russia is worried about this.

  On the 27th local time, US President Biden inspected the Office of the Director of Intelligence, where he addressed the intelligence community, saying that Russian President Putin was "extremely worried" that US intelligence personnel were "better than his team."

  Commenting on Biden’s speech, Peskov said that the Kremlin is not stronger than any other secret service—Russia or the United States.

But the Kremlin stated that Russia has many reasons to be proud of its intelligence personnel. At the same time, Russia is worried about the activities of the US secret service that has not stopped operating in Russia.

  He said that the activities of the U.S. Secret Service in Russia worries them, "It has been the case since ancient times, and it has never stopped."

  Peskov said frankly: "The U.S. Secret Service is very powerful, and their intelligence services are also very powerful." "But it is probably a thankless thing to assert who is stronger and who is weaker. Of course, if the President of the United States talks about other things to his country's intelligence personnel, Things, then it will be very strange. But please believe me, we have many reasons to be proud of our country’s intelligence personnel and counterintelligence personnel."