American actress Scarlett Johansson, who starred in the movie 'Black Widow', has filed a lawsuit against the entertainment content empire, Walt Disney.

It is argued that Disney's simultaneous release of 'Black Widow', produced by its subsidiary Marvel, through theaters and streaming platforms, is a violation of the fee contract.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Johansson filed such a complaint with the Los Angeles Superior Court of the United States.

'Black Widow' was released in theaters in the United States on the 9th, and Disney released the movie simultaneously through streaming platform Disney+ for $29.99.

In order to secure the competitiveness of Disney Plus, it has chosen the strategy of simultaneously releasing theaters and streaming.

In response, Johansson argued that the streaming release of 'Black Widow' violated the guarantee contract.

Johansson had signed a contract with Marvel for an exclusive theatrical screening, but criticized Disney for releasing the film on streaming platforms as well.

It is pointed out that Johansson's fee is dependent on the box office performance of the theater, and as 'Black Widow' was also released on Disney Plus, the number of theater audiences decreased and his guarantee was cut at the same time.

Johansson said in the complaint that he tried to renegotiate the cost of 'Black Widow' when he heard about the simultaneous theater and streaming release, but Disney and Marvel had no response.

'Black Widow' recorded about 91.7 billion won in box office profits in North American theaters on the first weekend of its release, and sales through Disney Plus during the same period amounted to about 68.8 billion won.

A source familiar with Johansson's contract with Disney claimed to the Wall Street Journal that the amount of loss Johansson suffered from the streaming release of 'Black Widow' was more than 57.3 billion won in Korean money.

"It's no secret that Disney is releasing movies like 'Black Widow' to Disney+ to increase streaming subscribers and boost stock prices," Johansson's lawyer said. pinched.

"Disney followed a short-sighted strategy, ignoring contracts with the actors responsible for the success of the film and infringing their rights," he said. "We want to prove a lot in court."

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