In Qatar, the Middle East, where the Soccer World Cup will be held next year, the details of the first national election since the founding of the country will be held in October.

It seems that there is an aim to dispel the image of royal rule in front of the World Cup, which attracts the attention of the world.

In Qatar, the chief from the House of Al Thani has full control, but last year, Tamim changed the nomination system for members of the legislative body, the Advisory Council, and in October, the first national affairs since the founding of the country. He had made clear his intention to hold an election.

The Qatari government announced on the 29th that it has promulgated a new related law on the election.

According to it, 30 of the 45 seats in the council will be elected directly by voters over the age of 18.

On the other hand, the remaining 15 seats will be nominated by the chief, and the authority given to the council to approve the budget of the administrative agency is limited, excluding the institutions under the direct control of the chief. ..

In Qatar, the World Cup of soccer is scheduled to be held for the first time in the Middle East next year, and the government wants to dispel the image of royal rule and appeal its efforts for democratization before it attracts the world's attention. You can.