China News Service, Beijing, July 29 (Reporter Ruan Yulin) China’s Ministry of Natural Resources reported on the 29th that the Ministry of Natural Resources organized an in-orbit delivery ceremony for the Haiyang-1D satellite and Haiyang-2C satellite in Beijing on the 29th. The satellites were officially delivered to nature. The Ministry of Natural Resources has put into commercial operation, marking the basic formation of my country's ocean observation satellite network operational capacity.

Double Star will provide data services for the development and utilization of my country's marine resources, marine environmental protection, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, maritime transportation, survey and monitoring of the Arctic and Arctic, and global climate change research.

  The Ocean-1D satellite and Ocean-2C satellite were successfully launched in June and September 2020, respectively. The National Satellite Ocean Application Center, in conjunction with satellites, measurement and control, ground, application and other system construction units, is responsible for natural resources, ecological environment, and water conservancy. , Agriculture and rural areas, emergency management, meteorology and other fields carried out industry application tests, and successfully completed all on-orbit test content.

  The Haiyang-1D satellite and the launched Haiyang-1C satellite constitute my country’s first marine operational satellite constellation. The network observations in the morning and afternoon fill the gaps in the afternoon observation data of my country’s marine aqua satellites.

The global ocean color, coastal zone resources and ecological environment, ocean ship position observation coverage and observation time have been greatly improved, and it has been applied in the forecast and monitoring of green tide, enteromorpha, marine aquaculture, sea ice, typhoon, oil spill, etc. in my country service.

  The Ocean-2C satellite, the Ocean-2B satellite that is already in orbit, and the Ocean-2D satellite subsequently launched form my country’s first marine dynamic environment satellite constellation, which greatly improves the global observation coverage and timeliness of my country's marine dynamic environment elements. .

The marine dynamic environment information such as sea breeze, ocean waves, and currents obtained by satellites can further meet the needs of marine business and take into account the application needs of meteorology, disaster reduction, water conservancy and other industries, and provide actual measurements for national economic construction and national defense construction, marine scientific research, and global climate change. Data also plays an important role in the international earth observation system, providing technical support for my country's active participation in global governance.