Elected officials are not lacking in imagination to speed up vaccination against Covid-19.

In New York (United States), Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that all people receiving a first dose will receive $ 100 or 84 euros.

This will only work in centers set up by the town hall and the measure will come into force from July 30, reports



An exceptional measure to encourage the population to be vaccinated.

Only 54% of New Yorkers have received a dose of vaccine, add our colleagues.

Too little for the city councilor, while the number of inhabitants tested positive is increasing.

According to the American media, 929 cases were recorded on average over a week on July 26, almost twice as many as on July 13.

The number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients increased from 59 to 108 on the same dates.

Free cakes and deliveries

In the United States, several other original incentives had already been put in place such as promotions in supermarkets, free tickets to matches, free meal deliveries, free cakes ...

Separately, the mayor of New York City announced Monday that all city officials should be vaccinated or undergo weekly tests by September 13.

This concerns more than 30,000 people: police, firefighters and teachers.


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