Hebron -

With his three children, Palestinian Muayyad Al-Alami went out yesterday evening, Wednesday, to buy some of his family's needs in the town of Beit Ummar, near Hebron (south of the occupied West Bank), to be surprised by the occupation soldiers raining bullets on his vehicle.

His 11-year-old son, Muhammad, took shelter in his little sister's lap, who lowered her head, while the father was trying to get out of the soldiers' range of bullets.

After a few minutes, he sighed and told his children, "Thank God, we were not injured."

But Muhammad did not answer his father like his brother, for he was covered in his blood.

The vehicle of the father of the martyr Muhammad Al-Alami, in which he was injured, and his blood appears on the bread and needs of his family prior to his martyrdom (communication sites)

blood on bread

The child was taken to the hospital, and doctors described him as critical, after the bullet penetrated his chest and caused a large incision, and then led to his death a short time later.

And his father recounted - in a video clip posted on social media platforms - that he had bought bread and some family needs, on which his son's blood spilled inside the car.

He said that Muhammad is the eldest of his three children, and he had him seven years after his marriage.

At a time when large crowds mourned the body of the child, amid great anger in the town of "Beit Ummar", violent confrontations erupted with the occupation soldiers stationed at the entrance to the town, during which the young man Shawkat Khaled Awad (20 years) was shot in the head with live bullets, and his injuries were described as serious. , before his death was also announced, in a hospital in the city of Hebron this Thursday evening.

Palestinians bid farewell to the body of the child Muhammad Al-Allami before his funeral in Beit Ummar, north of Hebron in the West Bank (communication sites)

dig a grave

Regarding the circumstances of targeting the Al-Allami family’s car and killing its child, the media activist in the town of Beit Ummar Muhammad Ayyad Awad said that the occupation soldiers were present in the place where the Al-Allami child was injured because of the suspicion that a citizen had buried something in the children’s cemetery in the town, and the soldiers summoned large forces to uncover that thing. .

According to Awad, who spoke to Al Jazeera Net, a female fetus from the town died, and her father buried her in a children's cemetery in which the occupation soldiers are usually stationed;

The soldiers seemed to suspect this.

Subsequently, large forces of occupation soldiers and police stormed the area, exhumed the fetus's grave, and took out the small body after searching the area.

The occupation forces summoned the father of the fetus, and interrogated him on the ground, to discover that the case was nothing more than a natural burial of the deceased, and forced him to return him to the grave again.

During the state of alert imposed by the occupation, its soldiers shot directly at the Al-Allami family's vehicle, wounding the child Muhammad inside, before losing his life.

Possible massacre

“They kidnapped him from my heart,” said Father Muayyad Al-Allami, shortly after announcing his death.

He said, "Only Lutf Allah mitigated the impact of the shooting attack on his vehicle. Otherwise, a massacre would have occurred, the victims of which were supposed to be 3 children and their father."

The occupation army issued a statement in which it said that its military police had opened an investigation into the circumstances of the killing of the Alami child in this way.

While the people of his town said that it was nothing more than a case of "suspected murder", which led to the loss of a child.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education mourned the martyr student, the sixth grader from Beit Ummar Elementary Boys School, and renewed - in a statement - its call to the countries of the world and human rights and child defense institutions to curb the escalating Israeli violations against children and school students.

From the lands of Beit Ummar town (north of Hebron), settler Street 60 passes from the western side, where the occupation erects a military tower at its entrances to the street, where its soldiers are stationed at all times to protect the settlers in the settlements established on the lands of the area.

Defense for Children International in Palestine documented the killing of 10 children by Israeli bullets in the West Bank since the beginning of 2021, while the Israeli bombing of Gaza last May killed about 70 children, among more than 300 Palestinians who lost their lives within days.