According to the County Administrative Board, it is up to 100 millimeters of rain in twelve hours in Hudiksvall, an unusually large amount of rain.

There is also a risk of thunder during the day.

But according to SMHI, there is some uncertainty about how much of the rainstorm will stay on the Baltic Sea, and how much will drag in over the coast.

In central Hudiksvall, Sigurd Melin, CEO of the company Noaq, has set up protective dikes that can protect the house facades against any high water levels.

The same embankments were recently erected during floods in Austria, among other places.

In Gästrikland, it looks more like scattered rain showers with breaks, according to SMHI.

Hear more about the flood defenses in the clip below.

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Sigurd Melin and Ann Blanche-Sahlqvist run a company in Näsviken that sells flood protection to the whole world. Mats Åberg, head of the Norrhälsinge rescue service, says that the rescue service works on the basis that extreme weather will become more common in the future. Photo: Bizz Sjöblom / SVT