China News Service, Beijing, July 29. In response to the US military plane landing in Taiwan, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China successively expressed serious concerns and reiterated China's position: urging the US to stop risky and provocative actions and warn the Taiwan authorities not to misjudge the situation.

Many foreign media have paid attention to this incident and the public opinion that it triggered, saying that this shows that the United States has "normalized" its provocation on the Taiwan issue.

  The US "Newsweek" reported that at 9:32 am on the 15th, a U.S. special operations C-146A "wolfhound" transport plane landed at Taipei Songshan Airport. The reason given to the outside was "to the'American Association in Taiwan ( AIT)'Hand over the required items'.

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense issued a statement that afternoon warning that the United States was "playing with fire" and that the Taiwan authorities were "leading wolves into the house."

  Reuters reported that the Chinese Ministry of National Defense expressed serious concern over the landing of US military planes in Taiwan, saying that it would take all necessary measures to smash the "Taiwan independence" plot.

Any foreign military plane must obtain permission from the Chinese government to land on Chinese territory. Any foreign warship or plane trespassing into China's airspace will cause serious consequences.

  The Russian Sputnik News Agency reprinted the full text of the response of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on this matter, stating that China is firmly opposed to any form of military linkage between Taiwan and the United States. The Chinese Ministry of National Defense also warned the US not to play with fire and immediately stop adventurous and provocative actions.

  The Indian "EurAsian Times" quoted expert opinion that the landing of the U.S. military plane in Taiwan was a serious provocation and also sent the wrong signal to "Taiwan independence" elements.

  The Egyptian National Voice (Sada El-Balad) television station disclosed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) often uses military aircraft known as "civilian" to cover its foreign operations.

According to reports, the US military plane that landed in Taiwan used to act as a pawn for the CIA, and the true purpose of the US military plane's landing in Taiwan is self-evident.

  Singapore’s "Lianhe Zaobao" noted that the Chinese military began to conduct military exercises in the north of the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea off Zhejiang on the 16th. This move may be related to the arrival of US military planes in Taiwan on the 15th and is a warning for frequent interaction between Taiwan and the United States. .

  "Lianhe Zaobao" quoted the opinions of experts on international issues and stated that the PLA’s large-scale military exercises are believed to have been prepared long ago, but the conduct at this point in time can also be interpreted as a response to the strengthening of US military ties with the Taiwan authorities.

This shows that the US provocation on the Taiwan issue has become "normalized", but at the same time China is also "making active preparations" for this.