They stole him under duress.. and (Dubai Appeal) upheld their imprisonment for 3 years

A gang luring a driving instructor in an alluring way and a massage advertisement

The Court of Appeal in Dubai upheld a three-year prison sentence and deportation against a gang consisting of two men and two women who lured an Asian who works as a “driving coach” by advertising a massage and a seductive picture of a European woman. She released her confidential data, but found him free of cash.

The victim said in the police report and the Public Prosecution investigations that he was browsing the Internet and saw an advertisement for a massage with a picture of a sexy woman, so he contacted the number on the advertisement, and when he arrived, a woman with African features opened for him, and asked him to enter a room in the hotel that witnessed the incident, and when he entered He saw two people of the same nationality, who sat him on the bed, took his phone and his wallet, and took what was in it, then took his bank card, and a fourth woman joined them, after that, the defendants asked him to have sex with one of them, but he refused.

He added that they threatened and assaulted him and forced him to reveal the secret number of the card. Then one of the accused left to withdraw the money, but he could not because there was no balance in the card. On his return, the police caught him at the bottom of the hotel, and brought him to the room.

The victim indicated that the policemen knocked on the door and tried to enter, but the accused did not open, so he rushed and opened the door himself, and arrested them at the scene of the crime, and they were taken to Al Barsha Center.

For his part, a witness from the Dubai Police said that a report was received about the presence of a gang using a hotel room to lure men and rob them under duress after tempting them with massage advertisements, noting that he came to the place with a police patrol and men fighting morals crimes, and the hotel security informed them that a woman had left the suspected room, She was arrested, and then one of the gang members came with a bank card belonging to the victim, and he was arrested as well, and then the rest of the accused were arrested in succession, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution, and from there to the Criminal Court, where they were tried and sentenced to three years imprisonment, a fine and deportation, and confirmed Court of Appeal ruling.

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