China News Service, San Francisco, July 28. US media reported on the 28th local time that a chemical spill occurred at a chemical processing plant in Texas on the 27th, causing 2 deaths and 30 people sent to hospital.

  The Associated Press reported that Lyondell Basel Chemical Company stated at a press conference on the 28th that at about 19:35 on the 27th, approximately 100,000 pounds of acetic acid leaked from the company’s plant in Laporte, Texas, resulting in two The contractor was killed and 30 workers were sent to hospital for treatment.

As of the afternoon of the 28th, 27 people have been discharged from the hospital.

The names of the two contractors have not yet been announced.

  Fox News reported that when the leak occurred, parts of the factory, including the area where the incident occurred, were undergoing maintenance and were closed.

The Harris County Fire Chief’s Office said on a social platform that investigators determined that there were no explosions and fires at the scene after preliminary investigations.

  Lyondell Basel Chemical Company stated that it had issued an "alarm" notice on the morning of the 28th, and the leak has been controlled.

The Harris County Fire Chief’s Office said that air monitoring around the factory showed that air quality was not affected, and officials did not recommend that nearby residents take shelter in place or other protective measures.

  Lyondell Basel Chemical Company said it is investigating the cause of the accident.