When did you ever really feel German?

Simon Strauss

Editor in the features section.

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Mostly in the distance.

Do you have a favorite dialect?

I like the Brandenburg peasant dialect very much.

When the people there say, for example: "I love my mother."

Which word in the national anthem is most important to you?

Law and freedom.

And if there is only one word, then the "and".

Where is Germany most beautiful?

In the countryside.

On the water.

And in the mountains ...

What is the best German invention?

The washing machine.

Which German food do you despise, which do you love?

There is no food that I despise when it is naturally made.

I love a lot of dishes, of course, but if it were just a German meal that I could take with me to the famous island, it would be homemade Maultaschen.

Do you have a favorite joke about the Germans?

There is this pictorial joke that I love very much: It says “The other day in Saxony” and you see a man ringing the doorbell and a woman opens it for him and he says: “'s do Dita there?” And she calls back: "Dieter, fire department."