Scientists from many countries warn that the earth’s “vital signs” will weaken and the critical point of climate will soon be broken

  [Global Times Special Correspondent in France Zhao Fengying] According to a report from Switzerland’s “20 Minutes” on the 28th, a group of world’s top scientists issued a warning on the 27th that under the weight of global economic development, the earth’s “vital signs” are weakening and they Worried that some "climate tipping points" will soon be broken.

  According to the report, a research team composed of 14,000 scientists from multiple countries recently published an article in the journal Biological Science.

They said that 18 of the 31 "vital signs" on the planet, including greenhouse gas emissions, glacier thickness and deforestation, have reached record-breaking values.

Representatives of the team suggested that a global climate emergency should be declared. At the same time, they believed that the reason for the government’s failure to systematically address the issue of climate change was "the overdevelopment of the earth."

Compared with the previous assessment (2019), this assessment emphasized an "unprecedented increase" in climate disasters, including floods, heat waves, hurricanes, and fires.

  Although the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the concentration of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere will still reach record levels in 2021.

The melting rate of glaciers is 31% faster than 15 years ago, and the scale of deforestation in the Amazon tropical rainforest in Brazil will also set a new record in 2020.

According to the scientific research team’s article, there are currently more than 4 billion cattle and sheep in the world, and the total amount of various livestock has exceeded the sum of humans and a variety of wild animals. This is an unprecedented phenomenon.

  One of the authors of the article, Tim Renton from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, said: “We need to respond to the fact that we are approaching a climate tipping point, take urgent action to decarbonize the economy and start restoring nature instead of Destroying nature.” Renton said. There is more and more evidence that “we are approaching or even crossing the tipping point.” The weakening of some vital signs on the earth may cause irreversible conditions for the climate system, including those of Greenland and the polar ice caps. Melt, even if countries work hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it may not be reversed within a few centuries.

  Scientists call for "radical and fast action" in multiple areas: reducing fossil fuel use, reducing pollution, restoring ecosystems, switching to a plant-based diet, getting rid of the current environmentally damaging economic growth model, and stabilizing the world's population.