The VR-film "Lessons of Auschwitz" was nominated for the award, which is timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp (Auschwitz) by Soviet troops.

This is RT's tenth Emmy nomination.

The film "Lessons from Auschwitz", created in the framework of the #Victory Pages project, became a finalist in the category "Outstanding Interactive Media: Documentary".

The #PagesVictory project tells the story of the Great Patriotic War through the prism of new media and digital art on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte and YouTube.

He has received a number of international awards, including Webby Awards, Promax Europe Awards, D&AD (Design and Art Direction), ADC Awards, Shorty Awards, Lovie Awards, Red Dot, Digiday and others.

The 2021 News and Documentary Emmy Awards winners in the documentary categories will be announced on September 29.

RT has been nominated seven times for the International Emmy and two times for the American Daytime Emmy.

In August 2020, RT reached the International Emmy final in the News category for a series of channel reports on the SSJ-100 plane crash at Sheremetyevo Airport in 2019.

In 2019, a series of RT reports about the fire in the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center in Kemerovo reached the International Emmy final in the News category.

In 2018, RT special reports on the humanitarian disaster in Iraqi Mosul were included in the final of the award.

In 2016, a series of stories about the 70th session of the UN General Assembly became a finalist for the International Emmy.

In 2014, the nomination was received for special reports on the hunger strike of prisoners in the American prison of Guantanamo (Cuba).

In 2012, RT became a finalist for the coverage of the shares of the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States, in 2010 - for the broadcast about the first visit of US President Barack Obama to Russia.

In addition, in May 2020, the financial and economic show Boom Bust, airing on RT America, received a nomination for the American Daytime Emmy, and in 2017, the host of the program Have Contact, Pulitzer Prize laureate Chris Hedges.