The lifestyle of the Indian woman is shaped at an early age, as she has a special way of maintaining her natural beauty and health that she has learned since childhood, by eating organic foods and adopting positive beliefs, and her knowledge about natural beauty and what helps to bring out the best in the body to look more youthful in any Omar.

A report published by the American newspaper "Bright Side" attributed the secret of Indian women's preservation of their beauty for a long time after the age of youth for several reasons that enable them to maintain their beauty, which are summarized in the following seven points:

Indian women use natural materials to preserve their beauty and hair (Shutterstock)

1. They maintain their natural beauty

Indian people believe that women are beautiful as they are naturally, so women stay away from any artificial enhancers, especially any cosmetic surgery or medical intervention.

2. They use natural ingredients

For skin care, Indian women use two main organic ingredients, turmeric and rose. Turmeric is known to be anti-inflammatory and is said to be beneficial for the digestive system and skin health. Rose has a soothing effect and can be used in homemade hand and foot care creams.

3. They make the cosmetics themselves

Women in India do not like to use cosmetics very much, however, they sometimes make their own cosmetics from organic materials, so that they are gentle on the skin and have a natural smell.

Women used to make their own kohl at home by dipping a cotton ball in ghee and igniting it, creating a flame, and then covering the flames with metallic tin, causing soot to form, and using that soot as eye liner.

Indian women make their own cosmetics from organic materials to be gentle on the skin and have a natural smell (Shutterstock)

4. They spend a lot of time outside the house

Spending time in the sun is mostly fun, especially if it is in beautiful green places, and it also helps the skin absorb the sun's rays, giving it a natural freshness, and Indian women believe that it is better than staying indoors and homes.

5. He believes that beauty starts from within

Women in India also believe that the mind and body are strongly connected, as a relaxed and stress-free mind reflects positively on the body and helps form natural habits to promote good health and prevent and treat diseases.

Therefore, they practice meditation and take the time to breathe accompanied by a special massage, and it is also believed that getting enough sleep contributes to maintaining a younger and more beautiful appearance.

Indian women practice meditation and take the time to breathe accompanied by a special massage (Shutterstock)

6. Healthy local food

Organic local food also contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and gives Indian women a better and longer life. They stay away from eating artificially improved vegetables or various seedless hybrids, so their food is natural because it grows in its own time, and this vegetarian way of eating has been proven Effective in the prevention of many diseases.

7. Organic hair care products

Hair care for girls in India begins at an early stage, where they learn to take care of it from their early childhood, and girls braid their hair and keep it moisturized with oil while they go to school. Indian women hair care.