Many casualties, toxic air is still spreading!

The cause of the explosion in the German Leverkusen chemical company is still under investigation

  [Global Times Special Correspondent in Germany Zhaodong] The German "Bild" reported on the 27th that a chemical company in the western German city of Leverkusen exploded on Tuesday, causing at least one death and 16 injuries, including 2 Seriously injured, another 4 people are missing.

The fire has been extinguished, but the toxic air is still spreading.

  On the 27th, an oil storage device of the Leverkusen special waste disposal company Currenta exploded.

Witnesses saw huge plumes of smoke rising from the park, heard loud noises, and the shock wave of the explosion spread throughout the city.

The local police subsequently blocked the area near the factory and surrounding roads, and the factory and city fire brigade put out the fire.

  On Tuesday afternoon, the city of Leverkusen and Currenta held a press conference to announce that the fire had been extinguished and that it was no longer "extremely dangerous", but it was still dangerous.

It is reported that 100,000 liters of combustible liquid are stored in the oil storage device.

The company also stores special waste and hazardous materials in the factory.

Currently, local fire and other departments are still investigating the cause of the explosion and controlling the spread of poisonous gas.